Mary Culver



Mary Culver



Place of Origin:


First Mentioned In:

The Adventuress of Henrietta Street

First Seen In:

Sabbath Dei


In the Year of the Cat

Main Voice Actor:

Jackie Skarvellis


Mary Culver was the “last of the great London witch-mistresses”. She was a member of the original Hellfire Club. (The Adventuress of Henrietta Street) Following a ritual, she became possessed by Compassion, who used her body to fight Lolita in the 18th century. (Sabbath Dei)


In 1762, Culver performed “one of the most remarkable rituals in history”. (The Adventuress of Henrietta Street) In a cave used by the Hellfire Club, she slit her throat with a piece of broken glass, “opening herself up to the outside universe”, as part of the Supplication of the Anakim. A part of Compassion’s consciousness then entered Culver’s corpse.

As Culver, Compassion resided in a curtained area in the whispering gallery of St Paul’s Cathedral. She was visited there by Justine, Eliza, Lord Sandwich, and the Sieur d’Eon. (Sabbath Dei)

Inspired by Culver, Sabbath conducted a similar ritual which resulted in him being possessed by an agent of the Great Houses. Compassion-as-Culver confronted Sabbath but was unsuccessful in stopping him from capturing Justine so that she could be sent to the Great Houses’ prison-planet. (In the Year of the Cat) Compassion kept Culver’s body from death until at least 1763. (A Labyrinth of Histories)


Sabbath described Culver as “the best-known prostitute and the best-known witch of Medmenham Abbey”. (Sabbath Dei)

Mary Culver was once contacted by Mrs Foyle of the House of the Rising Sun. They didn’t get on; Culver referred to Foyle in her journals as a “mumbling vulgarian, ” While Foyle called Culver “Lady High Muckamuck.” (The Book of the War)

Scarlette obtained the piece of glass which Culver used in her ritual and kept it as a totem. (The Adventuress of Henrietta Street)

Culver was among the famous female mystics that Tiffany Korta intended to evoke. (This Town Will Never Let Us Go)

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