Marti Bridges



Marti Bridges



Place of Origin:


Afflicted With:

Albion Party


73 Yards

Main Actor:

Sophie Ablett


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In an alternate timeline, Marti Bridges was a young Albion Party volunteer who worked on Roger ap Gwilliam’s political campaign in 2046.

She was present for a television interview during which Gwilliam talked about wanting to buy more nuclear weapons. Afterwards, Gwilliam approached another volunteer, Ruby Sunday, and asked her Marti’s name. He noted that Marti was a “boy’s name” before going over to speak to her.

Marti was unhappy when Gwilliam won the 2046 United Kingdom general election. Ruby confided to Marti that Gwilliam gave her “the shivers”, and Marti agreed, stating that he was “a monster”.

Marti attended a speech rehearsal by Gwilliam in Cardiff, and was also invited to a party he was throwing that Saturday. She was horrified when Craig Deloach told her that Gwilliam would soon be given the nuclear launch codes, believing that he would launch immediately; Craig told her not to be stupid. When Gwilliam encountered a mysterious woman and ran away screaming, Marti laughed instead of running after him. (73 Yards)

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