Place of Origin:

Red Rocket Rising


Blood of the Daleks

Main Voice Actor:

Hayley Atwell


Professor Martez was a human scientist. Martez used deceased and living human subjects in his experiments to create a set of Daleks, using technology from a crashed Dalek ship. He wanted his creations to be the supreme beings and sent a signal for the Daleks to receive so they could help birth this new race after the Red Rocket Rising government discovered his experiments. In response, however, The Daleks diverted an asteroid to strike Red Rocket Rising after they’d discovered what Martez had done, killing many of the humans and causing debris to blocking out the heat and light from the suns, but failing to destroy Martez’ experiments as they hoped.

Martez transferred his mind into his assistant Asha Gryvern and appeared to have died before he was put on trial for crimes against humanity. After returning to the site of his experiments, Martez noticed the errorof his ways and stopped the production of his Daleks. When his daleks found this out, he was exterminated. (Blood of the Daleks)

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