Pyramids of Mars


Doctor Who And Pyramids of MarsDoctor Who And Pyramids of MarsDoctor Who And Pyramids of Mars


Pages 125
ISBN 0-426-11666-6
Publication Date 16 November 1976


For Many thousands of years SUTEKH had waited … trapped in the heart of an Egyptian Pyramid. Now at last the time had come – the moment of release, when all the force of his pent-up evil and malice would be unleashed upon the world …

The TARDIS lands on the site of UNIT headquarters in the year 1911, and the Fourth Doctor and Sarah emerge to fight a terrifying and deadly battle … against Egyptian Mummies, half-possessed humans – and the overwhelming evil power of SUTEKH!



  • Prologue
  1. The Terror is Unleashed
  2. The Mummy Awakes
  3. The Servants of Sutekh
  4. The Return of Marcus Scarman
  5. The World Destroyed…
  6. The Mummies Attack
  7. The Doctor Fights Back
  8. ‘I an Sutekh!’
  9. In the Power of Sutekh
  10. A Journey to Mars
  11. The Guardians of Horus
  12. The Weapon of the Time Lords
  • Epilogue


  • Featured a prologue and Sutekh’s imprisonment.
  • An epilogue features Sarah on Earth researching the events of the story in a newspaper cutting, set after her departure in The Hand of Fear.
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