Many Happy Returns

Many Happy Returns
Many Happy Returns

Regular Cast

Lisa Bowerman (Bernice Summerfield), Stephen Fewell (Jason Kane), Steven Wickham (Joseph), Miles Richardson (Irving Braxiatel), Louise Faulkner (Bev Tarrant), Harry Myers (Adrian Wall), Thomas Grant (Peter Summerfield), Ayesha Antoine (Ruth), David Ames (Jack), Marcus Hutton (Leonidas), Katy Manning (Iris Wildthyme), David Benson (Panda), Nicholas Briggs (The Curator),  Sylvester McCoy(Late Arrival), AceSophie Aldred (Dave Stone), Christopher Allen (Adam), John Ainsworth (Casino Robot), Gary Russell (Vice Chancellor)


Benny finds herself in a museum which has the ability to search through all of time and space in order to find artifacts regarding the visitor’s life. The museum creates interactive and immersive visual and audio scenarios from research and the visitor’s memory. Benny visits different eras of her life, reliving stories from her past. Eventually, it becomes apparent that the museum’s main computer and curator has been infected with a virus, causing the museum to kill the visitor. With Joseph’s help, Benny’s information in the database gets redacted, ending the simulateditions

All involved gave their time for free, and all proceeds go to the charity Invest in M.E. If you’d like to make a donation to the charity, visit


  • A special feature-length charity adventure celebrating twenty years of archaeologist and adventurer Bernice Summerfield!

    Written by: Xanna Eve Chown, Stephen Cole, Paul Cornell, Stephen Fewell,

    Simon Guerrier, Scott Handcock, Rebecca Levene, Jacqueline Rayner,

    Justin Richards, Miles Richardson, Eddie Robson and Dave Stone

    Director: John Ainsworth, Scott Handcock and Gary Russell.
    Sound Design: Matthew Cochrane, David Darlington, Steve Foxon and Simon Robinson
    Music: Matthew Cochrane, David Darlington, Steve Foxon and Simon Robinson
    Cover Art: Stuart Manning
    Number of Discs: 1
    Duration: 100′ approx
    Recorded Dates: 3 December 2011


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