The Well Mannered War

The Well Mannered War
The Well Mannered War

Regular Cast

Tom Baker (The Doctor), Lalla Ward (Romana), John Leeson (K9), Tim McInnerny (Admiral Dolne), Jon Glover (Jafrid), Michael Troughton (Menlove Stokes), Gunnar Cauthery (Viddeas), Jane Slavin (Cadinot), Russell Bentley (Seskwa), Hamish Clark (Fritch off), John Banks (Harmock), Elizabeth Rider (Galatea), Jessica Claire (Liris/Newsreader), David Troughton (The Black Guardian)


The edges of space, the far distant future, an era even the Time Lords are not supposed to visit.

Laid claim to by disputing factions of humans and Chelonians, the planet Barclow has become the catalyst for an unusual war. In two hundred years of hostilities not a shot has been fired, and the opposing combatants are the best of friends.

But when The Doctor, Romana and K9 arrive, they discover the peace is not going to last. Something dangerous is happening BEHIND THE SCENES. An election looms. Bodies are piling up. Tensions are growing. Someone, somewhere is trying to make this well-mannered war very angry indeed.

Only the Time-travellers can save the day. But that might be their biggest mistake.

Based on the original 1997 Missing Adventures novel by Doctor Who writer Gareth Roberts.

Written by: Gareth Roberts, adapted by John Dorney

Directed by: Ken Bentley



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The Doctor recalls taking possession of the TARDIS. (The Name of the Doctor; The Beginning)
The Doctor refers to the necessity of activating the randomiser to evade the Black Guardian. (The Armageddon Factor)
Romana and Menlove Stokes recall their previous encounteron the Rock of Judgement. (The Romance of Crime)
The Doctor says that the last time the TARDIS was taken out of time was during his visit to The Land of Fiction. (The Mind Robber)
Metralubit was settled by Tellurians in the 58th Segment of Time.

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