Snakedance / The Cradle of the Snake


Manussa, also known as G139901KB, was, like its Manussan inhabitants, a melting-pot of innumerable cultural influences. It was the homeworld of the Mara.


Manussa was a type 314-S planet. Its atmosphere was 98% Earth normal and its gravity was 96% Earth normal. Part of the planet appeared to be desert. (Snakedance)

The planet had snakes, roses, palm trees and tuk-tuks, although taxis were also used. The Naga hills had a reservation for snake herders. (The Cradle of the Snake)


When the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan were directed there by the Mara, it was a colony planet of the all-powerful Federation of Three Worlds, with an economy based on agriculture and tourism. (Snakedance)
The Great Snake was one of the ancient emblems of Manussa. The Manussans were an advanced civilisation that developed zero gravity and matter realisation. (The Cradle of the Snake)


Manussa was the centre of two great star-empires: the Manussan Empire which existed in the Manussan year 2215, and the Sumaran Empire in 2326 which was ruled by the Mara. (The Cradle of the Snake) The Millennium Mardi Gras was held during the Sumaran Era. (Neverland)
A Federator defeated the Mara and banished it to the Dark Places of the Inside. Five hundred years later, the event was still celebrated every ten years. (Snakedance)

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