Billis Manger

Billis Manger in End of Days
Billis Manger in End of Days



Bilis Manger

First Seen In:

End of Days

Last Appearance:

End of Days

Main Actor: 

Murray Melvin

source TARDIS Wikia

Bilis Manger was a servant of Abaddon and an ally of the Light. He had the power to effortlessly time travel, apparently without technical aid.


Manger was born in the early 19th century. In the 1860s, he was the manager of the Amser Hotel in Roath, Cardiff. When the city, generally hotel was attacked by the Rift in 1869, he was trapped by the Rift and forced to do its bidding. (Broken)

In 1876, the Rift opened up in Tretarri, releasing Abaddon and Pwccm. Bilis Manger and his opposite, Cafard Manger, were both present to help their lords. Abaddon faked defeat, allowing Pwccm to take control. He gave Gideon ap Tarri, who was watching the proceedings, a diary to write down the events and had him bury the diary in Cardiff. He intended to use the diary in the future to help Abbadon take back power. (The Twilight Streets)


Manger’s ability to travel through time makes it difficult to put together a linear chronology, from his point of view, so the following presents his encounters with Torchwood from their perspective.

He appeared as a greeter in the Ritz dance hall in January 1941, immediately taking a sinister interest in Jack Harkness and Toshiko. Manger’s possession of a file with the hand-lettered label”Torchwood” indicated he had some connection with the Torchwood Institute of that era.

Simultaneously, he seemed to exist in the early 21st century, managing the now-abandoned dance hall. In possession of a missing component of the Rift manipulator found at the Hub, it seems possible that he deliberately allowed Owen Harper to find it in a grandfather clock and to take it. At the same time, he deliberately scratched out numbers in Toshiko’s rift equations so that the manipulator would not function properly and so cause the rift to widen after Owen used the manipulator to bring Jack and Toshiko back to the 21st century. (Captain Jack Harkness)

Shortly after, Manger’s appearances took an even more ominous tone. Jack and Gwen Cooper discovered that Manger owned a store named A Stitch in Time and met him there. He demonstrated to Gwen his power to time travel and showed her a vision of Rhys lying dead. Later, he proceeded to stab Rhys to death himself.

The visions of loved ones who appeared to the members of the team (except for Jack), inducing them to open the rift almost certainly have something to do with Manger.

Bilis disappeared claiming that his “work was done” after Abaddon rose over Cardiff. (End of Days)


Manger later returned and orchestrated the rapid renovatedition of the abandoned streets of Tretarri, the site of Abaddon and Pwccm’s battle. Abducting all of Jack Harkness’s teammates, he passed the sentient particles called the Light into them in order to show them the future he foresaw when Torchwood killed Abaddon. Without the check on its power, Pwccm would send the Dark through the Rift to possess Owen Harper and Toshiko Sato. With Jack’s power of resurrection, they would hold open the Rift and use it to power a world-spanning Torchwood Empire.

The Light passed into the people attending the opening of Tretarri and grew in strength but the Dark took over Owen and Tosh until Bilis transferred the particles to Idris Hopper. Once Torchwood Three agreed to aid Bilis, they were able to open the Rift, draw out the Dark and imprison them in a box, and send the Light through the Rift to hold Pwccm back for all eternity.

Bilis left on a plane with a wooden box that contained Abaddon’s ashes. (The Twilight Streets)


Manger had a quiet, guarded, sardonic demeanour. He did not display overt emotions. He had a fascination with clocks. Manger seemed to worship Abaddon as a god and worked to free him.


Manger claimed to be cursed with his powers, likely due to his deal with Abaddon. He could see all of time, the past, the present and all the potential futures, though he couldn’t see his own future or that of Jack Harkness (Possibly because of Jack being a “Fixed point in time”). He could also travel into the past and into the future, but not far in the future. (The Twilight Streets) He could also read minds, create illusions (End of Days) move objects and make them disappear (The Twilight Streets).

Manger could also create illusions with a perception filter, allowing his store to look like whatever was expected. (The Twilight Streets)



The series 1 version of the Torchwood website had an unsent email from Owen Harper that was recovered from the computer archive, hastily being written down due to Owen being afflicted by retcon. He said that he met “a quiet old man of the old school” that was a bit like “a bent teacher, but nice to talk to “, and started talking to him about Diane and his work at Torchwood. He also mentioned the man ran “one of those pointless antique parlours in one of the arcades”. Owen eventually realised that the man knew all about Torchwood and was pumping him for information “just to check what he already knew”. The man mentioned that Owen must have realised by then he had been drugged, the concoctedition mixed together with retcon. He said, “This has all been most useful” and left, Owen not noticing him leave. Owen continues typing, saying he knows the man is”coming to get us”. [1]


The letters of Bilis’ first name, re-arranged spells, “Iblis”, an Islamic name for the devil.

In an interview on Torchwood Declassified, John Barrowman referred to him as “An evil gay!”

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