Place of Origin:



The Sun Makers

Main Actor:

William Simons


Mandrel was a B-Grade worker for the Company on Pluto.

Mandrel worked in Megropolis One’s Main Control until he turned outlaw and fled into the undercity. There he led a band of outlaws. They only ventured into the city for essential tasks, such as collecting food.

the Fourth Doctor, Leela and Cordo arrived in the undercity and Mandrel tasked The Doctor and Cordo with taking a consumcard to the Consum Bank on subway 37, keeping Leela as a hostage. Mandrel told The Doctor that he had to return before a set time or he would kill Leela.

The Doctor’s time ran out and Mandrel ordered Leela to be killed. However, the otheroutlaws were scared of her and refused to attack. He engaged her himself but Cordo’s return interrupted their fight. He told them The Doctor had been captured and taken to the Correction Centre and Leela tried to garner support for a rescue effort. Mandrel and his outlaws refused to help and Leela left with Cordo to save The Doctor.

After some time, The Doctor returned and handed over a thousand talmars to Mandrel. The Doctor said Gatherer Hade had released him but Mandrel did not believe him and ordered him tortured into revealing the truth. As Mandrel moved to brand him with a hot iron, The Doctor claimed he couldn’t do it, there was “no conviction” in his eyes. At this moment, Bisham arrived with Cordo and threatened Mandrel into releasing The Doctor. Cordo told them Leela had been captured and Bisham told them an attack on Main Control could help overthrow the Company. Having worked there, Mandrel agreed to help and ordered the otheroutlaws to stir up dissent among the workers.

Arriving at Main Control, Mandrel disabled the vapour towers to stop the output of PCM, a mind-controlling drug. He was then tasked with stopping the flow of water to the steamer while The Doctor rescued Leela. He did so with some difficulty. By this time, the rebellion was in full swing, with the otheroutlaws encouraging the workers into armed defiance. After the Collector was defeated, Mandrel and the other inhabitants were freed from the rule of the Company. (The Sun Makers)

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