Máire Mab Finn



Máire Mab Finn



First Seen In:

Prelude Love and War


Thirty Love
Love and War
Love and War

Main Voice Actor:

Riona O’Connor


Máire Mab Finn was a Dalek Killer during the 26th century. She chose DK duty after her trial for political terrorism. After her return to human space, Máire served as high priestess to a group of Travellers on the planet Heaven in 2570. On her adventures, she had picked up a Dalek gunstick with one charge left.

Máire tried to stop Roisa McIlnery, who was infected by the Hoothi fibres, from shooting herself, but Roisa put Máire to sleep with a drug. When Máire awoke, she nursed Ace, who was affected by the thorn by Jan, to health and went after him while he was procuring a shuttle to head for the Hoothi sphere. While helping the shuttle, Máire betrothed Ace and Jan to be wed.

Ace and Máire launched escape pods and landed back on Heaven, while Jan stayed behind and blew up the sphere with his pyrokinesis. She used her last charge to kill Roisa. The Hoothi gloated that it would have made no difference, but Ace spoke to the part of the Hoothi with her friend, Julian Milton inside and killed it. (Love and War, Love and War)

Máire Mab Finn attended Bernice Summerfield and Jason Kane’s wedding in Cheldon Bonniface on 24 April 2010. (Happy Endings)

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