The Macros

The Macros

The Macros

Regular Cast

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri), Linda Marlowe (Osloo), Jack Galagher (Ezz), Rachael Elizabeth (Yka), Vincent Pirillo (Professor Tessler), Stewart Alexander (Bosun/Guard), Paul David-Gough (Mers/1st Rigger/Calloway), Matt Addis (Bundth/2nd Rigger/Captain/Guard/Captain/Tannoy)


The TARDIS materialises on the USS Eldridge, after the Philadelphia Experiment has gone disastrously wrong. Most of the crew are dead, the ship is disintegrating, and the Doctor soon realises that the problem comes from another dimension…

As they attempt to find a way to get the ship home, The Doctor and Peri visit the distant planet Capron and meet its tyrannical ruler Osloo. But the search for a possible solution only creates increasingly dire problems. Osloo’s horizons have been widened – and Space and Time are hers for the taking…

Written by: Ingrid Pitt and Tony Rudlin

Directed by: John Ainsworth


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  • The Macros, formerly “The Macro Men”, is the eighth and final Lost Story of Season 23 to be developed into an audio play. It stars Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant as the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown.
  • The Macros, originally The Macro Men, was an unproduced story for Doctor Who written by Ingrid Pitt and her husband Tony Rudlin after the former played Solow in Warriors of the Deep in 1984. Pitt also played Galleia in The Time Monster in 1972.
  • The Doctor tells Peri that the TARDIS was once accidentally reduced in size. (Planet of Giants)
  • The Doctor is able to restore Peri to full health by placing her in the Zero Room. He tells Ezz and Yka that he has used it himself to recover from accidents. (Castrovalva)

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