The Macra Terror

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The Macra Terror


Pages 144
ISBN 0-426-20307-0
Publication Date 1 December 1987


In the far future a group of humans is living an idyllic existence on a distant planet. Their colony is run like a gigantic holiday camp and nothing seems to trouble their carefree existence.

When one of them claims that the colony is being invaded by hideous monsters, no one takes him seriously. But The Doctor‘ suspicion sare immediately aroused.

What is the terrible menace that lurks at the heart of this apparent paradise? Why are the colonists unaware of the danger that lies before their very eyes? And what is the Macra Terror?



  1. Interference on the Scanner
  2. A Wash and Brush-up
  3. The Man Who Suffered from Delusions
  4. There’s Really Nothing There
  5. A Voice in the Night
  6. The Colony by Night
  7. Down the Pit
  8. Escape
  9. A Breath of Fresh Air
  10. One of the Dancers
  11. Forbidden Territory
  12. Four Minutes to Countdown


  • Rather than proclaim, “There are no Macra in the colony”, the Controller states, “There are no Macra men in the colony”.
  • Unlike the televised version, Medok survives his attack in forbidden ground and escapes the Macra. He even witnesses the TARDIS take off, though he decides not to tell anyone about this.
  • Whilst The Doctor and Polly figure what will happen to Jamie in the disused shaft, The Doctor theorises about the Macra, on how they came to live underground and how they gained control on the colony

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