The War Machines


The War MachinesThe War Machines


Pages 144
ISBN 0-426-20332-1
Publication Date 11 September 1986


London, 1966 — when the TARDIS materialises outside the Post Office Tower The Doctor becomes aware of a powerful and evil force nearby, so he and the ever-curious Dodo set off to investigate.

Inside the tower They track down the source of power to Professor Brett and WOTAN, his revolutionary new computer.

Designed as a universal problem solver, WOTAN has suddenly begun to think for itself and has formulated a deadly plan. Using its phenomenal power it will programme humans to build mobile fighting computers, and with these indestructible war machines WOTAN will take over the world…



  1. The Home-Coming
  2. The Super-Computer
  3. A Night Out
  4. Servant turned Master
  5. Putting the Team Together
  6. Working for the Cause
  7. A Demonstratedition of Power
  8. The One Who Got Away
  9. Attack and Defence
  10. Taking to the Streets
  11. Setting the Trap
  12. The Showdown
  13. We Can’t Stay Long


  • The Doctor gains access to the Post Office Tower with forged credentials and the fact that he and Brett have a mutual acquaintance in Ian Chesterton.
  • The Doctor defeats the first War Machine by burning out its circuit with a radiowave, rather than it simply stopping.
  • The second War Machine is named as Valk. It is not armed prior to going rogue, meaning The Doctor has to fit it with an automatic rifle after reprogramming it.
  • The Doctor enters the tower on realising humans are in danger from Valk‘s attack.
  • The battle between WOTAN and Valk is more involved, with the computer trying to defend itself with electrical charges.
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