Ma Barker



Ma Barker



Place of Origin:

Alternate Earth


Timewyrm: Exodus


Ma Barker was a member of the British resistance in an alternate timeline. She and her husband ran a café before World War II. In 1951, Ace, having been told by Popplewell to visit Ma Barker’s café, met up with her after they had been released by the Britischer Freikorps. Ma took her to the café, now a resistance HQ, where she again met with Pop and questioned the two of them about what had happened in Britain after the war. She learned of the rumoured Black Coven. Arnold arrived at the café and, seeing Ace there, accused herof working with the Freikorps. Lieutenant Anthony Rupert Hemmings raided the café, but before he could arrest them, the Seventh Doctor arrived with General Otto Strasser and claimed that the four were double agents working against the resistance. (Timewyrm: Exodus)

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