Lysandra Aristedes



Alice Obiefune

Main Aliases:




First Seen In:

Project Valhalla


Project: Destiny
Project: Nirvana
Protect and Survive
Black and White
Gods and Monsters

Main Voice Actor:

Maggie O’Neill


Lysandra Aristedes was a companion of the Seventh Doctor.

Code-named Perseus, Aristedes worked for C19 before joining The Doctor and Sally Morgan on their crusade against the Elder Gods. After the defeat of Weyland and Fenric, she left the TARDIS.


Lysandra was born in 1982. As a child, her favourite television programme was Jimbo and the Jet-Set. (Gods and Monsters) She joined the British Army and rose to the rank of corporal before being seconded to the Forge at some point between 2002 and 2004. During this time, she hunted down a lone grey alien in the New Forest, harvested a Slarvian at a peace conference and investigated an alien prison ship which crashed in the Laplands. (Project Valhalla)

Byearly 2008, Aristedes had been transferred to the Internal Counter-Intelligence Service. Whilst working there, many of her colleagues at the Forge were killed in the destruction of Forge Alpha Facility. Although it had been destroyed by a clone of the Sixth Doctor, she blamed the real Doctor. (Project: Destiny)


Aristedes was a sergeant by 2015 and had been brainwashed by Sir William Abberton to keep her from being possessed by Derleth whilst she helped transport the Elder God across Europe for cloning. During the mission, she met her future self and Sally Morgan but lost her memories of doing so. (Project: Nirvana)

In 2026, following the release of Contaminants, Aristedes remained in evacuated London with Abberton and Jarrod. She met Ace, Thomas Hector Sch ofield and the Seventh Doctor, whom she was hostile to before learning that his cure had been altered by Abberton to kill rather than cure the infected. She activated the Destiny Protocol and became Acting Directorof C19 under the authority of the Prime Minister before ordering the Royal Air Force to destroy the infected with distronic missiles. (Project: Destiny)


Three months after Aristedes became Acting Director, the Kai’lizakia and the Sons of Kai attempted to steal C19 technology. The Seventh Doctor and Private Sally Morgan infiltrated Aristedes’ troop and Kai-lizakia was killed by The Doctor using a Cyber-Planner’s cerebral cortex. The Doctor asked Aristedes if she wished to join them in the Black TARDIS. (Black and White) Unbeknownst to any of them, Aristedes was another part of Weyland’s game against Fenric. (Gods and Monsters)

Aristedes and Sally helped The Doctor fight the Elder Gods, including the Great Intelligence and Animus. She was trained to fly the TARDIS, with The Doctor teaching her for a few hours every week. (Black and White) She also taught Sally how to fly a helicopter. (Signs and Wonders)

The Doctor sent Aristedes and Sally on a mission to Romania in 2015 where they encountered a younger Aristedes when she was a sergeant, transporting Derleth. The two time travellers were able to defeat Derleth using the truthsayer. (Project: Nirvana)


Whilst The Doctor was absent, the Black TARDIS was called to save Ace and Thomas Hector Sch ofield from Peggy and Albert’s prison. The two sets of companions learnt from each otherof the Black and White TARDISes and joined forces to find The Doctor, travelling to 5th century Denmark. Aristedes met Garundel and discovered that The Doctor had been looking for Weyland’s shield. (Black and White)

With the TARDIS restored and made blue again, the four companions travelled to Fenric’s realm where Aristedes attempted to kill him. She was placed in a time storm and sent into Sally’s future, where future Sally interrogated her for Abberton’s secrets before she was rescued by Peggy. She faced the Haemovores, with her faith in C19 saving her from them, and was the one to open the TARDIS doors to allow Hex to sacrifice himself and defeat Fenric. (Gods and Monsters)


After Hex’s supposed death, The Doctor took Aristedes back to her own time. She left to fight in a war in the African States. (Afterlife)


Aristedes was a stoic and stolid soldier, with Fenric describing her as “hollow on the inside”. (Gods and Monsters) She butted heads with Ace due to her more rational and calm demeanour. (Black and White)

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