The Lurmans

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Carnival of Monsters


The Lurmans were human-like in appearance, though with an orange tint to their skin. They had hair in a variety of colours, such as orange and silver. (Carnival of Monsters) Some also had silver-coloured eyes. (Legacy)

Lurmans developed mentally at different rates than humans. When they were physically twenty, they would be mentally like a twelve-year-old human. Despite this, they would work the hardest at this age. As they grew older, many of them went into show business. (Legacy)


The Lurmans had an army at some point. Vorg was a member of the 14th Heavy Lasers, which employed mercenaries against a Crustacoid. They used credit bars for currency. (Carnival of Monsters)
Lurmans were also known for wearing especially bright and jarring colours for their clothing. (Carnival of Monsters, Legacy)


When Inter Minor finally choose to come out of its isolation, the first aliens they allowed back on their world were two Lurmans, Vorg and Shirna. They had been sent to entertain the Functionaries, who were becoming restless. When it was discovered that the miniscope they had brought contained living creatures, it was due to be destroyed. When this was unsuccessful, they were to be sent off planet. When Drashigs escaped from the miniscope, Vorg was able to kill them with the Eradicator. He then attempted to gain some money with three magum pods and a yarrow seed. (Carnival of Monsters)

In the 32nd century, there were some Lurmans at Vita Novus when the Fourth Doctor and Romana II visited. (The Beautiful People)

By the 40th century, the Lurmans were a member of the Galactic Federation. One Lurman was working on Io. (Legacy)

Green Fingers mentioned that he had worked for Lurmans. (Placebo Effect)


  • Vorgenson, the main characterof the stage play The Monsters Are Coming!, was a member of this species.

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