Luke Smith

The Wedding of Sarah Jane SmithLuke as in The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith


Luke Smith

Main Aliases:

The Archetype
Ashley Stafford
David Beckham


Artificial human

Place of Origin:


Affiliated With:

Bannerman Road gang
Children of Time
Family Smith

Made by:


First Seen In:

Invasion of the Bane

Last Appearance:

The Man That Never Was
Main Actor:

Tommy Knight

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The Bane’s invasion of Earth depended on getting as many people as possible under their control. Their strategy was to use a Bane secretedition as an ingredient in the drink Bubble Shock!, but approximately 2% of the human populationwas immune to the effect.
In order to get the last remaining 2% to accept Bubble Shock!’s”special ingredient”, they created the Archetype from thousands of samples of various entrants to the Bubble Shock! tour, including Maria Jackson and Kelsey Hooper. However, when Kelsey inadvertently set off an alarm by using her Mobile phone, the ensuing events caused the Archetype to awaken and escape. He joined Maria and Sarah Jane, instantly befriending them. Later, he effortlessly memorised the signal to “call” the Bane with the Star Poet’s phone, which destroyed the Bane Mother along with the Bubble Shock! factory. (Invasion of the Bane)


When the Archetype met Maria’s mother Chrissie Jackson, Sarah Jane Smith told her that he was her adopted son. After Sarah Jane suggested several names, including”Alistair” (after the Brigadier) and “Harry” (after Harry Sullivan), Sarah Jane suggested”Luke” (she said it’s what she would have called her son, but she never had any). Sarah Jane had Mr Smith create adoption papers for Luke and took him in as her son. (Invasion of the Bane)


Over the next few months Luke slowly learned about the world around him, and successfully aided Sarah Jane, Maria and Clyde Langer in combating alien threats on several occasions. He demonstrated exceptional intelligence and an eidetic memory along with almost complete naiveté about human nature which, while being a great asset to the team, was also a problem, as when he inadvertently aided the Slitheen in their plan to harvest the energy of the Sun. (Revenge of the Slitheen)

He was given an ancient talisman by Bea Nelson-Stanley and told to keep it a secret, but was exposed by Mr Smith. Knowing the importance of secrets, he expressed guilt at not keeping his, but was ultimately pleased with the outcome as the talisman was actually a key to a portal that allowed evil Gorgons to enter the world, his exposure also led to their defeat. (Eye of the Gorgon)

When he was captured by the Uvodni General Uvlavad Kudlak along with Clyde, and several other teenagers from around England, he successfully escaped from imprisonment on the alien ship and ultimately exposed a plot by the Mistress, thereby freeing the captives. He earned his first kiss from one of the captives, Jen, which bewildered and confused him. (Warriors of Kudlak)

Mysterious reports were later seen by the team implying that Luke was actually Ashley, the child of Jay and Heidi Stafford, who has been missing for three months.

While Mr. Smith initially confirmed that he was a genetic match with the missing boy and he was returned to his supposed parents, Mr. Smith was actually working with the parents, who were Slitheen, to capture Luke. They tried to use the MITRE headset from the Pharos Institute to amplify his latent telekinetic powers to make the Moon crash into the Earth. (The Lost Boy)

Luke was later introduced to Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Harriet Jones, Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones via subwave network when the Daleks transported Earth into the Medusa Cascade. He aided their efforts to contact the Tenth Doctor with the idea of using Mr Smith to link telephone exchanges and boost the signal. He then”met” The Doctor via the subwave communications network. (The Stolen Earth) After The Daleks had been defeated and their planet-moving Magnetron was destroyed, The Doctor contacted Luke, Mr Smith and K9 Mark IV to use the Cardiff Rift as a tow rope for the TARDIS so it could return Earth to its original location in space. (Journey’s End)

Luke saw off the Sontaran Kaagh (the last survivorof the Sontaran invasion of Earth) who wanted to destroy the Earth by dropping satellites. Maria’s father had a job offer to move to Washington DC and she decided to let him take it. Six weeks later, she moved out. (The Last Sontaran) they still kept in touch using e-mail (The Day of the Clown) and via alien technology. (The Mark of the Berserker)


Rani Chandra, a teenage aspiring journalist, moved into Maria’s old address (36 Bannerman Road) and joined Sarah Jane, Luke and Clyde in defeating the Pied Piper. Sarah Jane ordered Luke to look after Rani so she wouldn’t find out about what they did. Luke failed and Rani joined the team permanently. (The Day of the Clown)

Luke’s lack of a birthday proved invaluable in defeating Martin Trueman, who used the powers of the Ancient Lights to control people by their star signs. Sarah Jane suggested that they make the anniversary Luke’s default birthday. (Secrets of the Stars) Together, the team defeated several more aliens. They defeated the Berserker (The Mark of the Berserker) and the Trickster when he attempted to manifest corporeally in Foxgrove in 1951 (The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith).

Later, Luke began having dreams of Mrs Wormwood, who returned claiming herself to be Luke’s”real mother “. Luke extended some sympathy towards her, but it later transpired that she returned to Earth alongside the Sontaran Kaagh in an attempt to summon Horath, the immortal tyrant of the Dark Empire. With help from Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, and due to infighting between Kaagh and Mrs Wormwood, they were able to stop this potential apocalypse (Enemy of the Bane)

Luke helped defeat Androvax and stop him from destroying Earth with Nan oforms. (Prisoner of the Judoon)

He handed his mother away at her wedding with Peter Dalton but it was a trap by the Trickster. He was teleported, along with Clyde, Rani and the Tenth Doctor, who crashed the wedding, to Limbo in a time trap.

Thanks to the TARDIS’ artron energy and Clyde manipulating it, as well as Peter withdrawing the Trickster’s agreement, they were able to escape, defeating the Trickster. Luke got a look inside the TARDIS when The Doctor came to Bannerman Road. (The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith)

During one mission with Sarah Jane and the gang in tracking down a Slitheen, he encounters a different family from the same planet – the Blathereen. The group befriended them and accepted a gift, some Rakweed. However, Luke fell ill for the first time when he inhaled some of the released spores, and his life hung in the balance While Sarah Jane tried to find a cure. He pulled through at the last moment when Mr Smith destroyed the Rakweed and its spores. (The Gift)

Following all of humanity being turned into The Master Race, Luke told Clyde that Sarah Jane had Mr Smith create a cover story to explain why everyone had a different face, an alleged hallucination brought about by Wi-Fi encountering severe technical difficulties. As he crossed the road, he was almost run over by a car when the Tenth Doctor, who was slowly dying at the time and preparing for his tenth regeneration, pushed him aside at the last moment. Luke recognised him and quickly ran to tell Sarah Jane. The two watched as The Doctor entered the TARDIS and waved goodbye. (The End of Time)


Having completed his A levels the previous school year, Luke learned that he had been accepted by the University of Oxford. Although pleased, Luke began to feel apprehensive, as it would mean being away from his friends and his mother. He began suffering from nightmares (something he did not believe was possible) and was soon faced with the Nightmare Man, a creature from another dimension who was using Luke’s powerful mind to break into his dimension. The Nightmare Man was successful, and placed Luke in a sleep he could not awake from. Determined to plunge the whole world into endless nightmares, he started with Clyde and Rani. However, Luke was able to contact his friends in the nightmare world, and together they managed to defeat him by overcoming their fears, making him powerless. The next day, Luke bade farewell to his friends and departed for University, driving an old carof Sarah Jane’s she had given him, named Ethel, with K9 in tow. (The Nightmare Man)

He would later contact his mother and friends via webcam. The students he befriended at Oxford lived on baked beans and curry. (The Vault of Secrets) He returned home at least once to do some laundry, K9 remained in Oxford, which he quite enjoyed. Luke also visited Mr Smith and updated the Alien Files on the Sontarans, Mrs Wormwood, and the Bane. Luke commented on the lack of alien activity in Oxford. (Sarah Jane’s Alien Files episode 3)

Luke returned to Bannerman Road after receiving a message from Clyde, telling him of Sarah Jane leaving. With the help of K9 (who had remained at Oxford and communicated via webcam), they discovered that Ruby was a Qetesh. While Rani distracted Ruby, K9 used her mobile to reprogram her computer, Mr White. After finding Sarah Jane, Luke used Mr White to project holograms of meteors, causing enough excitement in the human population to overload the emotion-devouring Qetesh. (Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith)


After returning to Oxford, Luke eventually received a new adoptive sister in Sky Smith. (Sky) Luke fell victim to the curse put onto Clyde after his friend phoned him, to which he refused to answer. This suggested that, genetic enhancements aside, he was fundamentally more human than Sky. The curse was later reversed by Clyde who defeated Hetocumtek. (The Curse of Clyde Langer)

Luke returned to Bannerman Road in 2011 and met his sister in person, while initially jealous of her, because she had taken his room, he became more attached to her as they worked together to investigate the current crisis, Sky realising how they could be saved by getting a message to Mr Smith using Morse Code. Then, once they had been saved and the adventure was over, he asked Clyde to draw a picture of Sky, with the words ‘Sky’s Room’ written on it and embraced her after sticking it up on the wall. (The Man Who Never Was)

Luke was in Geneva with UNIT when he received the news that Sarah Jane had passed away. He attended her memorial on a “bright, cold Spring day”, where he discussed Sarah Jane with other guests, even receiving a hug from Kate Stewart, and helped fight the Jackals of the Backwards Clock to foil the Trickster’s revenge plot. After the service, Luke, Clyde and Rani journeyed back the 13 Bannerman Road to honour Sarah Jane’s request to close down her house. After closing down the attic, Luke returned to his equations. (Farewell, Sarah Jane)

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