Lucy Sobel



Lucy Sobel



Place of Origin:


Afflicted With:

Harwood’s Haulage

First Mentioned In:

Another Life


Slow Decay


Lucy Sobel was a secretary and co-workerof Rhys Williams at Harwood’s Haulage. After visiting Doctor Scotus’ weight-loss clinic, she unknowingly became the host of an alien tapeworm which Jack Harkness nicknamed John Lennon.

She originally moved to Cardiff from Bristol, staying with her boyfriend at a flat in Grangetown. Her closest family were located in South Shields. She first met Gwen at a barbecue in Ely where Rhys and a group of other guys were busking some Kaiser Chiefs music on a bass guitar. Gwen remembered that Lucy had been at least a size 16 at the time. (Slow Decay)

Rhys would often talk to Gwen about Lucy’s latest crazy diet theories. (Another Life) Desperate to lose weight, Lucy went to a clinic after seeing a flyer at a club. They gave her a consultation and some herbal pills. In her own words: “the weight just melted away”.

Rhys bumped into Lucy outside the Indian Summeron the way to a date at the restaurant with Gwen. He asked Gwen if it was alright if she ate with them. Gwen received a text from Torchwood and left without them knowing. Gwen returned later in the evening to find the pair holding hands.

After Lucy was nearly kidnapped from the streets of Cardiff, Gwen and Rhys offered for her to live in their flat.

Gwen Cooper was convinced Lucy had feelings for Rhys. After this, Lucy unexpectedly got caught up in one of Torchwood’s investigations.

Lucy had brown eyes, flecked with green, and thick lashes. She had black hair, and freckles sprinkled across her cheeks and the top of her nose. She had a stunning figure which was elegantly skinny and wore too-tight jeans. Gwen thought she was on the verge of being anorexic.

Around Rhys, she came across as shy, and often glanced downwards rather than looking him in the eye. She didn’t have many close friends. (Slow Decay)

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