Lucy Skinner

The Last Sontaran



Lucy Skinner



Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

The Last Sontaran


The Nightmare Man

Main Actor:

Clare Thomas


Lucy Skinner worked with her father Nicholas at the Tycho Project radio telescope in the small English village of Goblin’s Copse. (The Last Sontaran) By that time she was 16 years old. (The Last Sontaran)

Lucy listened to indie music. She liked the bands Women of War, Rain Green, Giddy Nuisance and the Motorboats.

Two strange lights (which interfered with the observatory’s telescope transmissions) appeared one night in 2009. She and her father investigated. They were abducted by Commander Kaagh, the sole surviving member of the Tenth Sontaran Battle Fleet, who attached a neural control mechanism to her neck, though it was left un-activated, for use in a back-up plan.

Lucy was released and met Sarah Jane Smith and her young allies Maria Jackson, Luke Smith and Clyde Langer, as Kaagh had suspected might happen and, controlled by the device, began to carry out Kaagh’s plan to destroy Earth. Sarah used her sonic lipstick to deactivate Kaagh’s mind-control device. (The Last Sontaran)

Lucy and her father stayed in contact with Sarah Jane and her team. They went to Luke’s second farewell party before he went to the University of Oxford. (The Nightmare Man)

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