The Eaters of LightLucius




Main Actor:

Brian Vernel

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First Appearance:

The Eaters of Light

Latest Appearance:

The Eaters of Light


I’m ready. I’ll hold the gate with you. I will fight at your side.

Known as Granddad because at 18 years old, he is the oldest of the surviving centurians, Lucius is the leader of the remaining members of the Ninth Legion. Traumatised by the slaughter they have witnessed in their battle with the Picts and ‘their’ beast, these Romans are terrified of the creature still apparently roaming the countryside. It is Lucius who cares for Bill while she recovers from an injury inflicted by beast, and gallantly offers to share his food rateditions and as Bill recovers, she forms a bond with Lucius and his surviving band of brothers.

Spurred on by Bill’s words Lucius proves he’s not a coward by leading his men out of the darkness to find the Picts, and hopefully freedom. On meeting Kar, Lucius is confronted by what he and his men did in the name of the Roman Empireattempting to atone for his actions, and with The Doctor’s demands for an alliance against their common enemy ringing in his ears, Lucius offers to join Kar in protecting the gate. The Picts and the Romans move against The Doctor’s plan and enter the gate themselves. Together they will keep the world safe from the Eaters of Light. The Ninth Legion were never missing as Bill was taught, or dead as The Doctor thought – men like Lucius are instead between worlds, defending Earth for eternity.

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