Lucie Fanshawe



Lucie Fanshawe



Place of Origin:



The Woman Who Lived

Main Actor:

Elisabeth Hopper


Lucie Fanshawe was a wealthy homeowner in the 17th century. She was the wife of Mr Fanshawe.

Sometime during or prior to 1651, Lucie somehow acquired the Eyes of Hades – a piece of alien technology originating from Delta Leonis – after it fell to Earth. Unaware of its extraterrestrial nature, Lucie mistook the Eyes for a piece of jewellery.

Whilst out on the road in their carriage, Lucie and Mr Fanshawe were robbed by the notorious highwayman known as the Knightmare. Their coachman, having heard of the criminal’s previous escapades, advised them to do as the Knightmare said and hand over their valuables. However, this robbery was interrupted by the Twelfth Doctor, whose arrival distracted the Knightmare, allowing the Fanshawes to escape.

The next night, a maid bid her goodnight as she prepared for bed. Shortly afterwards, the Knightmare – actually the immortal human Ashildr in disguise – broke into the Fanshawe household and stole the Eyes of Hades, accompanied by The Doctor. (The Woman Who Lived)

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