Lowri Palin



Lowri Palin






73 Yards

Main Actor:

Maxine Evans


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Lowri Palin was the landlady of the Y Pren Marw inn at Glyngatwg in Wales.

In an alternate timeline in 2024, she encountered Ruby Sunday at the inn while local residents Enid Meadows and Joshua Steele were frequenting. She offered Ruby a chance to stay the night at the inn priced at sixty-five pounds, briefly tricking her that the inn did not accept payment by phone before revealing she did. She then also charged her five pounds for a drink of Cola. She then listened as Ruby informed them that an old woman was stalking her and watched as Josh went out to speak to her only to then run away screaming.

Lowri listened as Ruby informed her about the Fifteenth Doctor disappearing after he had broken the fairy circle for “Mad Jack”. Lowri and Enid then scared Ruby with a folk’s story about “Mad Jack” before Lowri’s delivery of pasties arrived. The following morning, she lent a set of spare clothes to Ruby, though insisted they must be returned.

The following day, she got a phone call from Josh revealing he would not return to the inn and only said “ask her”. Lowri took this to mean Ruby had put Josh off the inn, leading her to ban Ruby from staying any longer.. (73 Yards)

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