Lord Cardinal

Lord or Lady Cardinal (Cardinal for short) was an office of the High Council of the Time Lords of Gallifrey. (The Deadly Assassin) The Cardinals were the highest ranking members of the various Chapterhouses of Gallifrey. The most senior Cardinal was known as the Cardinal Prime. (Lungbarrow)

Somewhere between Under Cardinal and Cardinal there appears to have been the rank of Junior Cardinal, a rank held by Borusa at the time of the Morbius crisis. They wore grey robes. (Warmonger)

There was also a sub-office to Cardinal known as Under-Cardinal. (Neverland)

During the War against the enemy, War Cardinals held a training facility on Gallifrey XII where they taught the art of escapology. (Alien Bodies)

In an alternate timeline, the Cardinals served under a Supreme Pontiff of Time. (Prisoners of the Sun)

Known Cardinals

Borusa (The Deadly Assassin)
Braxiatel (Gallifrey)
Franilla (Divided Loyalties)
Helron (The Legacy of Gallifrey)
Leabind (Lies)
Lenadi (Lungbarrow)
Luvis (Omega)
Matthias (Appropriation)
Morissa (Lies)
Ollistra (Only the Monstrous)
Padrac (The Eleven)
Pandad (The Legacy of Gallifrey)
Sendok (Divided Loyalties)
Tachen (Lies)
Tortheth (The Quantum Archangel)
Valyes (Pandora)
Zass (Divided Loyalties)
Zero (Spring)
Zorac (Arc of Infinity)
An unnamed Undercardinal (Neverland)

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