Loups Garoux

Regular Cast

Peter Davison (The Doctor), Mark Strickson (Turlough), Eleanor Bron (Ileana de Santos), Burt Kwouk (Doctor Hayashi), Nicky Henson (Pieter Stubbe), David Hankinson (Anton Lichfuss), Sarah Gale (Rosa Caiman/Samba Girl/Tannoy Voice/Ticket Inspector), Jane Burke (Inez), Nicholas Pegg (Magistrate), Barnaby Edwards (Victor), Derek Wright (Jorge)0rc Platt (Tourist), Alistair Lock (Greetings Card), Jez Fielder (Jaguar Maiden Vocals)


Germany, 1589: the townspeople of Cologne pronounce a sentence of death on a mass-murderer who has stalked the countryside in the guise of a ferocious wolf.

Russia, 1812: retreating from Napoleon’s invading forces, a merchant’s daughter is rescued from bandits by a handsome partisan with a ravenous appetite.

Brazil, 2080: The Doctor and Turlough arrive for the Rio de Janeiro carnival.

Is wealthy heiress Ileana de Santos all that she seems? What sinister ailment afflicts her invalid son, tended by the mysterious Dr Hayashi? And who exactly is Rosa, engaged on a secret quest to fulfil the destiny of her extinct tribe?

Time is running out for Rosa, Ileana and the Doctor, as the fearsome shadow of an ancient werewolf moves ever closer…


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  • The second audio story to feature the pairing of the Fifth Doctor and Turlough, Loups-Garoux was released by Big Finish in 2001. It was one of only three early main range audios to feature only The Doctor and Turlough travelling alone together.
  • The Doctor quotes Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem”The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”.
  • The Doctor refers to “Alice’s white rabbit “, from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.
  • The new spine design for the range that started with Loups-Garoux was based on the 1999 David Bowie album releases.
  • Loups-Garoux is the French word for werewolves, but it is misspelled. The correct spelling is Loups-Garous. That said, the x variant does have precedent in literature, such as in the novel Blood and Chocolate.
  • The Fifth Doctor uses K9 Mark II’s dog whistle to draw the werewolf pack. (The Ribos Operation)

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