The Underwater Menace




Place of Origin:



The Underwater Menace

Main Actor:

Peter Stephens


Lolem was the high priest of the goddess Amdo in Atlantis. He believed Professor Zaroff’s promise to raise the city above the sea was the fulfilment of Amdo’s prophecy.

He tried to sacrifice the Second Doctor and his companions to his goddess. They were rescued by Zaroff, but later Zaroff gave The Doctor and Ramo to Lolem to sacrifice them to Amdo. When the goddess appeared to speak, Lolem and the other Atlanteans bowed their heads. When he raised his head, The Doctor and Ramo were gone. Lolem believed it was a miracle and that Amdo ate her victims. (The Underwater Menace)

Lolem became distressed at Zaroff’s heresy. When the lower levels of Atlantis were flooded, Lolem searched out Zaroff and attempted to kill him. They both drowned when Atlantis flooded. (The Underwater Menace)

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