Pages 127
ISBN 0-426-20149-3
Publication Date 21 October 1982


In theory the TARDIS should be able to change its appearance to blend in unobtrusively wherever it happens to materialise. In practice, however, because of a fault in the chameleon circuit, it always looks like a police box– a minor inconvenience the Fourth Doctor now hopes to correct.

Fixing the mechanism involves a visit to Earth and a trip to the planet Logopolis – normally a quiet little place that keeps itself to itself.

But on this occasion the meddling presence of the Doctor’ archenemy, The Master, ensure the disruption of normality. And even The Master is horrified by the threat of total chaos he unintentionally precipitates – until he finds a way to turn the imminent destruction of the universe to his own advantage …



Titles are listed as “Chapter One” through”Chapter Twelve” in TOC, but actual chapter headings are simple numbers (“1”-“12”)


  • When going through the infinite regressedition of Police Boxes, Adric picks the locks with a coat hanger.
  • Instead of pretending to have had a bike accident, Adric climbs on top of the TARDIS and throws the bicycle at the police car.
  • The TARDIS Cloisters, seen as a dark, gothic setting onscreen, is described as open and airy with a simulated sky.
  • The Fourth Doctor receives a message from Traken about Tremas while Adric is occupied reading the poetry of Milton.
  • When The Doctor attempts to sink the TARDIS in the Thames, it lands on an abandoned wooden pontoon, instead of a ship.
  • The Master’s TARDIS disguises itself as a cherry laurel tree instead of the architectural column in the Cloisters. It assumes the column shape after arriving in Logopolis.
  • After regenerating, the The Doctor says a few words, in fact paraphrasing the Monty Python catchphrase, “and now for something completely different.”
  • Adric reads Paradise Lost.
  • The Master’s TCE stinks of ozone.
  • The Watcher is expanded upon.
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