Main Aliases:

Operative 8954B



Place of Origin:


First Seen In:



Auton 2: Sentinel
Auton 3: Awakening

Main Actor:

Michael Wade


Lockwood was the codename of a UNIT investigator, Operative 8954B, who had been cybernetically enhanced.

Lockwood was the head of a Containment Team sent to the highly classified UNIT storage and research establishment known as “the Warehouse” after Dr Sally Arnold had exposed a dormant Nestene pod to deep-space transmissions, re-establishing contact with the Nestene Consciousness. With the building placed under quarantine and searched by UNIT operatives including Daniel Matthews and Sergeant Ramsay, Arnold helped the team find a hidden room containing more Nestene pods and also Doctor John Smith’s UHF transmitter from a previous encounter. However, though the transmitter was useful in destroying the original pod, unsealing the doors allowed the reactivation of a second pod and also of the Autons still held in the Warehouse. The Autons captured Lockwood briefly and later revealed they had implanted a”seed” in his mind with which they could maintain a psychic connection. The second Nestene pod was able to escape through an air vent and evade capture for a further two years. (Auton)

Lockwood, Matthews and Arnold continued to search for the missing alien, with Matthews eventually abandoning the search to go on a trip to Africa to dig up alien artefacts, before it was eventually tracked down to Sentinel Island, where it had re-energised and taken over the island community in an attempt to revive ancient Nestene creatures buried beneath the Earth’s surface. Lockwood teamed once again with Ramsay and also with a UNIT psychic, Natasha Alexander. They halted the Auton plot but not before one of the ancient Nestene creatures was brought to life. The creature suddenly vanished, with Lockwood apparently having absorbed its energy. (Auton 2: Sentinel)

In the aftermath of the confrontation, Arnold was taken to Millhampton by Ross Palmer to try to locate Lockwood and Alexander. There, Arnold learned that UNIT had been secretly investigating Lockwood’s connection to the Nestenes. Lockwood was by now a captive of the Autons and was being used as a conduit to communicate with the Nestene Consciousness. Using a weapon provided by Ramsay, Lockwood ended his life, his death preventing the Auton takeover. (Auton 3: Awakening)

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