Place of Origin:


Affiliated With:

Space Security Service


The Daleks’ Master Plan

Main Actor:

Pamela Greer


Lizan was an agent with the Space Security Service in 4000. When she joined the SSS, she had thought that she would be leading an exciting life and travelling to far- off planets, working in an embassy or leading expeditions. During her training, she realised that she would have to lower her expectations and instead hoped to become a bodyguard or security guard.

However, she instead became section leader in Communications Central on Earth. She was greatly dissatisfied with the job and endured the tedium by playing tri-d chess with Roald, (Mission to the Unknown) who teased her about her admiration of Mavic Chen. The pair watched Chen’s interview on Channel 403 and therefore missed Bret Vyon’s transmission.

Lizan later informed Chen of Vyon’s treason and was given instructions to have Vyon, the First Doctor and Steven Taylor shot on sight and Central City cordoned off if they were unsuccessful. She left smiling, having been of service to her leader. (The Daleks’ Master Plan)

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