Time Lord


Lord President, Chancellor

Affiliated With:

High Council

Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

Enemy Lines


Celestial Intervention, Desperate Measures, Havoc, Partisans, Collateral, Assassins

Main Voice Actor:

Pippa Bennett-Warner

Other Voice Actors:

Celia Imrie


Lady Livia Caralis of the House of Brightshore was a high ranking Time Lord. Despite being political opponents, President Romana appointed her as her successor.

In the timeline where the Moros was destroyed, Plutus was Livia’s ally and became her Castellan. Because she didn’t trust Romana, Livia tried to recruit Irving Braxiatel to be her liaison and spy in the Celestial Intervention Agency. Time Lords from all across Gallifrey came to Livia’s inauguratedition, but after the Monan Host embassy exploded and killed thousands, Livia announced an alliance with the Warpwrights of Phaidon and declared war on the Monan Host. However, Kalbez and Gaal later admitted in Livia’s presence that they had framed the Monan Host, upon confronting Plutus for his part in the plot, Livia was kidnapped, but she was rescued by Leela and had Plutus arrested. (Enemy Lines)

She was recently [statement unclear] assassinated and regenerated. She had to negotiate between Trave and Romana a sharing of information. When the Phaidons asked for sanctuary she sent Trave, Leela and a member of the High Council to inspect their ship just in case there were Daleks on board. Following this act, she declared the start of the Time War. (Celestial Intervention)

She informed Romana that she was going to resign from office but asked Romana and Narvin if there was a second way out and if there was a technicality that would help her. Karla was working with her. She became Chancellor. She planned to have Rassilon resurrected through Valerian. (Desperate Measures)

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