Lindy Pepper-Bean



Lindy Pepper-Bean




Data Processor

Affiliated With:


Place of Origin:



Penny Pepper-Bean

First Appearance:

Dot and Bubble

Main Actor:

Callie Cooke


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Lindy Pepper-Bean was a resident of Finetime originally from Homeworld. Her people were racist, viewing black people and those who associated with them as contaminated. She was also highly arrogant and rude, and tended to call people who contradicted her ‘stupid’, even though she herself was overly reliant on her dot to help her perform even the simplest of tasks such as walking. However, given time she was capable of walking after being helped before managing it on her own.

She was sent to Finetime to work by her mother, Penny Pepper-Bean, a wealthy individual. By her own admission, she worked for two hours a day then partied for the rest of the day there. Like the majority of residents there, she stayed within her bubble that her dot created whenever she was awake, never really seeing the outside world she lived in. However, one day at work she received calls from the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday. Despite her resistance and indifference even when one of her friends kept trying to alert her and others of missing people, she relented and learned that creatures were killing the residents. With Ricky September’s help, she managed to escape to the underground tunnels, where The Doctor realised the dot was orchestrating the killings in alphabetical order. Now found out, the dot tried to kill Lindy but Ricky came to her defence. During the fight, Lindy revealed Ricky’s name had been changed to “September” from “Coombes”, meaning he came before her in the alphabet. Subsiding, the dot killed Ricky, Lindy managing to escape.

Lindy then rendevoused with Ruby, The Doctor and other escapees. When she met the escapees, she discovered her people on Homeworld were dead, but she only briefly expressed sorrow before dismissing it. However, she refused The Doctor’s offer to flee the world with him, remarking he was not one of them meaning the residents of Finetime. She then left with the other residents into the wilderness as The Doctor and Ruby called out in frustration at them, aware that Lindy and her people would more than likely not survive without the time travellers’ help. (Dot and Bubble)

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