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George Lightfoot


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Professor George Litefoot was a London pathologist who had many adventures with Henry Gordon Jago during the 1890s. During this time, he was also closely associated with Ellie Higson and Percival Quick.
Litefoot was a friend of the Doctor, he had adventures with him in his fourth, fifth, eighth and tenth incarnations, was a temporary companion of the Sixth Doctor in his journeys through time and space, and met the Eleventh Doctor at least once.


Litefoot was born in Twickenham in the mid 1830s. (The Bodysnatchers, Voyage to Venus) His father was a brigadier-general who was involved in the punitive expedition to China in 1860. He lived in Peking as an attaché and George spent most of his childhood in China. (The Talons of Weng Chiang)
Litefoot had pet mice as a child. (Encore of the Scorchies)

He often visited Brighton as a boy. (Jago in Love)

He spent some of his youth in China feeding smaller animals to biggerones. (Return of the Repressed)
Litefoot had an aunt named Agatha. She owned a goat, which once ate an entire antique tablecloth. (Voyage to Venus)

In 1866, he was a medical student at St Thomas’, planning to be a surgeon. He received a letter from Dr Walters ing him the Yesterday Box. He was told to investigate the disappearance of street urchins. Having received a letter from his future self, he went with Quick to save the urchins. (The Year of the Bat)
After his father’s death in 1873, Litefoot returned to England. He also brought back the 51st century war criminal Magnus Greel’s time cabinet, which had been disguised as a Chinese puzzle box and was a gift from Emperor Tongzhi to his mother. (The Talons of Weng Chiang)

He visited India numerous times prior to the 1890s. (Voyage to Venus)

He knew several languages. (The Mahogany Murderers)

He lectured in forensic pathology. (The Mahogany Murderers)
In 1887, the Seventh Doctor lodged with Professor Litefoot whilst he was in London. (All-Consuming Fire)


In either 1889 (The Time Machine) or 1892 (The Case of the Gluttonous Guru), he was investigating several corpses related to Greel and the Tong of the Black Scorpionwhen he encountered the Fourth Doctor and Leela. He helped them with their investigations, and lent The Doctor a gun to kill the giant rats created by Greel. At the same time, Greel found out that Litefoot had the time cabinet and sent Mr Sin and his other servants to take it back.

Litefoot joined forces with Henry Gordon Jago to find where Greel escaped to. They followed him to the House of the Dragon, where they were captured by members of the Tong. The Doctor tried to help free them, but he was captured as well. During the final confrontation with Greel, Jago and Litefoot helped to distract Mr Sin. (The Talons of Weng Chiang)
The Fourth Doctor once described Jago and Litefoot as being”outstanding and extraordinary.” (The Justice of Jalxar)


His association with Henry Gordon Jago continued beyond their adventure with The Doctor. The pair were involved as amateur sleuths in several other mysteries as well as receiving help from Ellie Higson and Sergeant Percival Quick. (The Mahogany Murderers)

In 1890, Jago and Litefoot later descended into the London sewers to kill the rest of Greel’s remaining giant rats with a Gatling gun and on the way there, failed to recognisethe Fifth Doctor, who had regenerated since their first encounter with him. (A Victorian Interlude)
Jago believed that he and Litefoot were the inspiration for the serialised adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson by Arthur Conan Doyle featured in The Strand magazine. (Jago in Love)
Litefoot kept mementos of all of his adventures with Jago. (Mind Games)
Litefoot once described Jago as “a very dear friend”. (The Bloodless Soldier) Similarly, Jago considered Litefoot to be his best friend. (Encore of the Scorchies)


After The Doctor’s departure, he and Henry Gordon Jago began many adventures together, finding murderers and so on. Such as an adventure involving mahogany mannequins, animated by the living spirits of criminals in prison, who had been assisted by a man called Dr Tulp. However, the mannequins were defeated, but Tulp escaped. It was after this adventure that Litefoot met a future acquaintance of his, a barmaid called Ellie Higson. (The Mahogany Murderers)
they later encountered a rapidly changing Captain, who was transforming into a werewolf-like beast that was roaming London, and sucked the blood from people. They were forced to kill the beast, but Ellie’s younger brother Jim was infected by the beast, and they killed him. (The Bloodless Soldier)

He then encountered a body of man who had already been killed, who had seemingly awakened from the dead. He was rivalled by Doctor Ormond Sacker who pretended to poison him using cyanide in his drink. It was all an act though, part of the Far- off Travellers tradition. (The Bellova Devil)

Following the trail of Toby’s wife, Litefoot discovered that people were being possessed when they meet Mrs Vanguard, someone who can apparently talk to spirits. This caused her clients to spontaneously combust. He then helped to free Jago and Ellie’s bodies, although it meant Toby had to sacrifice himself. (The Spirit Trap)
Litefoot and Jago met Dr Tulp again, when they discovered that he had the ability of astral projection, and could take knowledge from the future and use it for profit. They found that Tulp was mining uranium and constructing more mahogany mannequins to replace important politicians, as a means of making profit and seizing control of the world. However, Tulp had in fact been possessed by an entity who wanted to dominate the world. Litefoot and Jago stopped his plans, exposing the entity in the process, which then consumed Tulp. (The Similarity Engine)


Later, Litefoot began working with a man called Gabriel Sanders who helped him to investigate the cause of a number of mysterious murders, whose victims had been drained of blood. George made sure that Henry was kept away from the investigation to protect him. However, after Henry had intervened against George’s wishes, they discovered that Sanders was the vampire killing the victims. They left him to die in a burning building, but not before he claimed Ellie as one of his victims. (Litefoot and Sanders)

Later, they boarded a train carrying the body of Ellie to a cemetery, to investigate whether she would become a vampire too. They arrived in the cemetery, and discovered an associate of Sanders, Doctor Sibelius Crow, who Litefoot had also met before. Discovering that he was attempting to experiment with and revive the dead. However, Crow was killed by the now vampire, Ellie. (The Necropolis Express)

Soon after this adventure, George and Henry foiled a plan by a group of harlequins, to infiltrate Henry’s newly-owned New Regency Theatre, and drain the lifeforce from the audience. They found that their travelling caravan was, in fact, a living thing, and created the people who travelled within it. However, they managed to destroy the caravan. It was after this adventure, that Litefoot managed to discover the cure for Ellie’s vampirism, but also, that Sanders had survived being burnt to death in the building. (The Theatre of Dreams)
Litefoot and Jago discovered Sanders plan to breed a new race of human-vampire hybrids, using the Ruthven family line. However, they managed to kill the only perfect creature, Lord Ruthven, as well as Sanders himself. During this encounter, Sacker was killed by a vampire. After defeating Sanders, Leela arrived at Litefoot’s house while he and Jago were there, and told them that she had been sent from Gallifrey to investigate time distortions. (The Ruthven Inheritance)


Litefoot, Jago and Leela discovered that due to the time distortion, a sailor from the 1950s called Johnny Skipton was removed from his time before he was supposed to die While sinking in his ship. This caused apparitions of the dead crew, to arrive in the 1890’s to take Johnny away. To prevent the time distortion, Jago, Litefoot and Leela convinced Johnny to accept his fate, and departed back to his ship, to die. (Dead Men’s Tales)
After this, they all discovered that the time distortion was causing a fictional character, called the Man at the End of the garden, to become real, and caused the disappearance of the writer who created him. However, they managed to retrieve the writer and defeat the Man. (The Man at the End of the garden)

The team traced the next source of time distortion in the New Regency Theatre, where it was linking the 1890’s time zone, with the 2011 time zone, bringing people from 2011 to the New Regency, and vice versa. This also caused the New Regency itself to come to life, but they stopped the time distortion, causing the theatre to return to normal, and return the people from 2011 to their native time. However, they discovered that Professor Elliot Payne was behind all the time distortions. (Swan Song)

As Payne arrived, the amount of time distortions rapidly increased, and threatened to destroy the world. They discovered that Payne was conducting experiments with time to bring his wife, Shania, back from the dead. This was part of an arrangement he made with beings called the Time Eaters. However, the Time Eaters betrayed Payne, and he helped Jago, Litefoot and Leela to destroy the Time Eaters, and return all objects out of their time zone to their proper place in time and space. Shortly after this, Litefoot and Jago were summoned by a man called Professor Claudius Dark. (Chronoclasm)


Jago and Litefoot escaped Dark, believing him to be hostile, and decided to go to have a holiday in Brighton. Litefoot became possessed by the spirit of a woman, Mary Elizabeth Reilly, who was looking for the spirit of her husband, George Nevil. Whilst under possession, he started to smash mirrors and Leela had to tale care of him. He entered a Lion’s cage. However, Litefoot was freed and they returned to London, when Jago smashed the mirror that Litefoot was trapped in. (Jago in Love)
Dark later found Jago and Litefoot, and offered them tickets to see the new Oscar Wilde play. He didn’t like Oscar Wilde, and refused to go an see they play. He spent his time helping Quick with a set of mysterious deaths. Where they had an adventure with Wilde, and a man called Gadd hired to kill him. It was after saving Wilde, that Jago and Litefoot discovered that two men, Mr Kempston and Mr Hardwick hired Gadd, and that they were Professor Dark’s enemies. (Beautiful Things)

Jago and Litefoot tried to escape from Mr Kempston and Mr Hardwick by boarding a train, which was their intention in the first place. Discovering that the train was caught in a time loop, in an attempt to trap them. However, thanks to Leela, Ellie and Dark, they were both freed. It was here that Dark revealed his true identity, as the Sixth Doctor. (The Lonely Clock)

they all discovered that Mr Kempston and Mr Hardwick were constructs created by a Temparon ship using sand to form bodies, which had crashed to Earth, as a result of Payne’s time experiments. However, Jago, Litefoot, Leela and the Doctor managed to dissipate the bodies of Mr Kempston and Mr Hardwick with water, effectively killing them. After this, Leela returned to Gallifrey, and they were invited to join The Doctor as his companions aboard the TARDIS. They eagerly accepted the offer, though Jago began to suffer from motion sickness on his first trip. (The Hourglass Killers)


On their first trip through space and time, Jago and Litefoot arrived on Venus in the far future, where they discovered the corrupt Venusian Queen Vulpina was imprisoning an alien race called the Thraskin. However, with The Doctor’s help, they defeated Vulpina and released the Thraskin, resulting in a peaceful treaty between the Thraskins and Venusians. During this time, Litefoot discovered his indirect descendants had colonised Venus, making scanners register him as Venusian. Jago, Litefoot and the Doctor then left Venus. (Voyage to Venus)
Although they intended to return to London, the TARDIS arrived in the Roanoke Island, 1590, and were held hostage by a local tribe of Native Americans. They discovered that the tribe were being terrorised by a group of ethereal children, who had been present for four hundred years. Whenever they kidnapped natives, they would leave behind the word Croatoan, inscribed in the place where they once were. Litefoot, Jago and the Doctor discovered that Croatoan was an island, which they intended to explore, but not before Henry was kidnapped. When they arrived on Croatoan Island, they found Henry, and discovered the TARDIS, which had been on Croatoan for four hundred years. When they found Henry’s captor, he revealed that he was Sir Walter Raleigh, who had discovered the TARDIS, while George and the Doctor were venturing to Croatoan. After tampering with the controls, Raleigh travelled back four hundred years, and encountered a group of alien beings, who would later become the children who had terrorised the tribe. He taught them how to live and hunt, and in return, they extended his life. However, The Doctor managed to communicate with Walter in the TARDIS, four hundred years prior, and prevent him from travelling in the TARDIS. This then caused the alternative Walter to disappear, and the aliens would never have terrorised the tribe. After restoring the timeline, The Doctor deposited Litefoot and Jago back in London. However, after The Doctor left, they discovered that he had left them stranded in London on 21 February 1968. (Voyage to the New World)


Soon after, Jago and Litefoot discovered Ellie was still alive, as an effect of the vampire curse she still had. Litefoot eventually became a bookshop owner when he met Detective Inspector Dave Sacker. Jago and Litefoot told him the circumstances which lead them to their arrival in the 1960s, just in time for all of them to foil a plan to hypnotise the nation using a mystical statue and Jago’s new television. The plan was foiled by using a psychic crystal which Jago picked up on Venus. It was after the adventure that Jago and Litefoot met a performeron Jago’s, Guinevere Godiva. (The Age of Revolution)

After Jago’s success as a host, Litefoot found that Jago was in much demand and wasn’t returning his calls. Ellie decided to take him to Nirvana a new recent Indian restaurant run by Guru Sanjaya Starr to scope out the competition. He arrived before a murderof one of the waiters by something that was eating him from the inside. When Jago was ing the same symptoms Litefoot took him back to his to look after him. Jago and Litefoot also stopped an alien being and a mad guru from killing people by eating food containing the aliens offspring. The guru believed the alien was a god, and the aliens way of reproduction was by laying eggs in it’s victims and eating them from the inside out. (The Case of the Gluttonous Guru)

Ellie helped him to take a stock take on a day off before Dreislav entered his shop. Dreislav asked Litefoot if he had a copy of the Bloodchild Codex, having tacked it to the consignment of books Litefoot had just got. Dave Sacker asked him to help in an investigation. Jago and Litefoot also discovered a book which was created by Thomas Bloodchild as a means of preserving his life essence inside it’s pages. After several people attempted to steal the book to achieve immortality, Bloodchild was resurrected, but quickly destroyed again by Jago and Litefoot. After this encounter, they visited a crypt where they discovered several unusual artefacts, which included the time cabinet, containing a murderous Mr Sin. (The Bloodchild Codex)

However, they promptly escaped from Sin, and recruited Sacker to investigate the crypt with reinforcements to discover that all the artefacts had vanished. Lateron, during Jago’s, Guinevere Godiva made Ellie vanish, and held her to ransom, which led them the rendezvous point, the House of the Dragon. There, Godiva revealed she had reconstructed Mr Sin and the key to the time cabinet, which she intended to use to recreate Magnus Greel from the psychic imprint left in the key, using Jago’s Venusian crystal. However, Godiva needed a large quantity of energy to start the process, so Mr Sin betrayed her, put her in the catalytic extraction chamber and used her life energy as power, killing her. Successful, Greel’s essence possessed Sacker, killing him, but giving Greel life. However, Greel was killed when Ellie stood in the extraction chamber and overloaded his intake of life energy, due to her unnatural lifespan. Using the time cabinet, Jago and Litefoot departed 1968, arriving back in 1893. But immediately upon their arrival, they were greeted by a mysterious man calling himself the Colonel. (The Final Act)


He was sent by theColonel to Suffolk to discover the truth about ghosts in the fog. On the train down to Lowest oft he met Camilla Tevelyan and told her why he was going there on the Queen’s orders. He started to realise his memories of the future and his travels of the Doctorstarted to fade. Isaac Pawley told Litefoot about Shingle Cove and the Fog. Durring a fog he started to hear screams. Jago and Litefoot went into the cove to discover more about the person Camila saw. They saw a pub full of skeletons. He realised that someone must have destroyed the shingle beach that protected Shingle Cove. Searching through Tevelyan’s files he realised that the shingles were taken to build the shipyard. Tevelyan tried to kill them. (The Skeleton Quay)
He asked Sigmund Freud to look at Jago because of his bad dreams. He thought that Freud was a clever man. He was concerned that Jago might die because of his nightmares. He decided to go to the Zoo with Jago to help him. He started to talk to a baboon that jumped on his back and invited him to tea. He later took him to a gentlemen’s outfiters. Freud later thought that Litefoot was becomingdelusional, and the baboon wanted to go the New Regency. He thought that Jago should confront the Baboon to stop his delusions. Freud later analysed him at Jago’s request. Madame Anna was of the same species of Pawley in Suffolk and escaped with him. He was affected by this and part of his subconcious came out. (Return of the Repressed)

The Colonel asked him about their adventures including their encounters with Dr Tulp. He wasn’t sure about the Colonel and went to Quick to find more information. Litefoot later found out that the Colonel wasn’t what he seemed in that there was no record of his employment at the palace, as well as his interest in industrial processes. He was kidnapped by the Colonel’s men after they demonstrated their latest machine. He realised that the Colonel was using him to made sure that the Colonel’s schemes weren’t being seen by the public. Eventually he discovered that the Colonel wanted to conquer the world using the advances that Charles Babbage made in computer technology. He was later charged with the murderof Jago. (Military Intelligence) On his way to prison Quick travelled with him in the Black Maria, where he was informed of more information. He was placed in prison. The Colonel made it sure that he would be charged with murder. Soon he realised that Jago was alive, when Jago impersonated the Colonel. Litefoot was going to represented by Jago. Even though Jago was alive, he was still given a guilty verdict of murder. Quick managed to get them free by misdirecting the police force into which station they were taken to. They went to the Colonel’s base and discovered that the Colonel wanted to kill the Queen and become emperorof the British Empire. Because of the death of Agatha the Queen put a bounty on their heads and they became fugitives. (The Trial of George Litefoot)


He was charged with the attempted assassination of Queen Victoria. He was intrigued about the seven bodies which had been mauled. Ellie gave him a message from the Doctor allowing them to use his house, 107 Baker Street. He met Arthur Conan Doyle when The Doctor sent Doyle to him. He helped him in an investigation when Laura Lyons sent him a letter so Litefoot posed as John Watson. On meeting Lyons he started to be shot at. Following a clue from Lyons they found a route to prehistoric Earth in London. When a set of ravenous dogs went after him he tried to dissuade Jago from sacrificing himself. He realised that the real monster was Baskerville. He was a fan of Holmes. He told Holmes to write the Hounds of the Baskervilles. Quick later told them about a soldier that could help them get exonerated. (The Monstrous Menagerie) Remorse got him to remember his bad memories. In a picture Remorse ed them, he saw a patient which died when he operated on her, this drove him to become a pathologist. He helped Ellie when one of her bar pundits died to help her investigate his death. He then went to the funeral homes and remembered the patient which brought Remorse. He started to believe that he had killed the patient. (The Night of 1000 Stars) He went to find Willis at Moorsey Manor, but he was murdered. They discovered that they were at the a Sherlock Holmes convention. He posed at Dr Lithgow and joined in the finding a murderer. He later witnessed the murderof the Fanshaw who was burnt alive and went after Florence Woolley when she was in a fright. Hearing about the curse on her family, he witness her fall to her death at 2am. He later realised that the House was made of clockwork at that’s why the rooms kept rearranging because of it, as well as the house belong to Edward Merridew. (Murder at Moorsey Manor) He knew of Frederick Abberline and helped him in his investigations. Abberline asked him to give a post mortem to Jack the Ripper’s new victims. Ellie persuaded him to investigate the New Regency. He later followed John Rippon to theatre’s storage warehouse where Ellie was taken by the Ripper. Abberline went with Jago and Litefoot to the palace to stop the Ripper from murdering the Queen. He was then exonerated by Queen Victoria. (The Wax Princess)


He watched the Scorchie at the New Regency Theatre and they unnerved him. When he looked at the Scorchie after the he found them dashed peculiar and sinister. He was intrigued into how they were operated. He found Jago in the theatre crying sawdust. On hearing a scream, he saw what the Scorchies could do. He told the Scorchies to surrender before they stopped him. He couldn’t be hypnotised by the Scorchies as he was tone deaf. When the Scorchies discovered this they wanted to kill him. Litefoot discovered from Porcelain Polly that the Scorchies were jealous of humans, and they were making human-Scorchie hybrids. Moving through the rafters of the theatre he found Mister and Missus thinking they were in control of the Scorchies, who told him about how puppets can evolve. They were both rescued by Ellie who burnt all the Scorchies. (Encore of the Scorchies)
Quick asked him and Litefoot to investigate the strange appearance of people congregating at cross roads and parks who attacked an people who interfered with them. He studied an alien Brontach that had been killed by Wednesday. He was then infected by Arioch. He learnt about the symbiosis between the two species, and the Arioch explained that humans were in danger. He was told that Wednesday was converting humans into Alien forms. (The Backwards Men)

He didn’t believe the reports of the beast of the in themes. When Patsy found the beast of the themes, Quick brought it to the attention to Litefoot, when after Patsy found the fish, there are a hand in the guts of the beast. He started in investigate the appearance of a beast in the Thames. Shortly afterwards he had to examine a body in the sewer that had his neck slashed. Patsy believed that it was the work of Jeremiah Castle. They later went to Jacob’s Island to discover some more information. Mulberry Gride discovered that they weren’t offically connect to the police so chucked them out of his factory. He examined a sphere that was trawled from the themes. He found out about the Darkling Façade. (Jago & Litefoot & Patsy) He started to behave strangely after this investigation. This was because he was infected by the creature. They inquired after Patsy when she was imprisoned. He decided to infect Old Tom. He devised a plan to infect all of London using a steam train from Paddington station. After getting them off the train, Ellie got them drunk to sedate them. (Higson & Quick)
He hoped that the New Regency Theatre had nothing to do with the recent spate of murders in its vicinity. Rees tried to make him kill Jago. (Mind Games)


He went on a cruise with Jago upon the Fata Morgana. He was met with the advances of Isobelle Danvers. Isobelle asked him to be there to stop the advances of other men. He was told Captain Mercer that he should reassure the passengers when the Boat fell silent. He and Jago encountered a French Jago and Litefoot, coming from a timeline where Napoléon won the battle of Waterloo. More Jago and Litefoots were encountered that were from different course of history where different countries won wars with the UK, with there being at least ones from Prussia, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. Using this knowledge they tried to out of the fog. (The Flying Frenchman)
He went to a casino in Monte Carlo where he won 12 shillings. He warned Jago against betting too much. He met Luke Betterman in the casino, knowing him as an eminent Harley Street Doctor. With Betterman’s help, Litefoot to investigate the mysterious suicides related to the casino. He was almost killed by a falling Balustrade. He followed Betterman into the a tunnel which lead to the Dark Casino. He found out that the owners of this place which were scamming people out of there wills. He managed to stop them from taking Jago’s soul. (The Devil’s Dicemen)

He decided to explore the island they had moored at. When Nerville Tibbs was talking about the creatures of the Island, Litefoot tried to comfort her they met Victor Bataille who ed them an ancient temple. He could speak French. Examining the journal of a dead Navy officer he found out of a death of a colleague which had similarities to Isobelle’s condition. When Bataille killed the creature that was attacking them, he performed an autopsy and theorised it was a larval form. He found the remnants of a mysterious cult. Tibbs locked them in Bataille’s cabin so that he could awaken his “god”. After arriving back at the ship Aubrey told them of the a telegram from Quick. (Island of Death)

He examined the body of he recently departed passenger. He went to his cabin and was interested in the scientific machinery in the cabin. Fowler told of a previous expedition where they discovered the machine. He realised that Fowler was trying to return a stolen artefact back to its rightful owners. After finding out how to operate the machine they managed to get back to London. He then asked for Quick’s help in capturing the beast. (Return of the Nightmare)


He was intrigued into why Carruthers Summerton wanted to write their. Quick later invited him to investigate the murderof McCallum. When Hartley Harecourt was more concerned about the theft of his Gasogene than the murderer. Looking at the house he realised that about 200 square feet of the house was unaccounted for and assumed that there was a hidden door to it in the study where McCallum was murdered. He discovered that there was a hidden door to Harecourt’s laboratory. He realised that the tie they had found belonged to Jasper Cornish a member of the Oxford University Maths’ Society. Summerton and Litefoot went to his house and found him dead. (The Case of the Missing Gasogene)

He received a mysterious package addressed to his lodgings when he was a medical student. He then recalled a story from his youth. He realised that he could effect the past with the letters. Using the knowledge of Jago’s story to help the younger Jago. (The Year of the Bat)

With Ellie he attended Jago’s funeral. On the way to the wake he bumped into Luke Betterman who had just returned to the from the Tropics. Quick had asked him to investigate a strange corpse that had was in the morgue, and asked Betterman for his opinion. He started an investigation into the cause of that made the corpse a Zombie and thought that Betterman was behind it. He was intrigued into the specimen’s that Betterman had brought back. He went to the Red Tavern after the Zombies had overtaken his morgue which resulted in it being set alight. After Betterman used the poisons he had collected on his travels to subdue the creatures, Litefoot realised that Jago wasn’t dead and was just sedated and arrived at the cemetery in time to catch Adella Lestrange. (The Mourning After)

Quick took him to a murder scene where he thought that was made by a man not a beast as Quick first thought. Going to Betterman’s surgery he discovered that Betterman had disappeared. He went to one of Betterman’s patient’s house and found the ashes of a corpse there. Quick ed him a strange murder scene where the contents of the room was glued to the ceiling. He thought that Summerton was overenthusiastic. He realised that Summerton was the murderer and discovered that Summerton wanted to put him in his collection. (The Museum of Curiosities)


He became reacquainted with Jean Bazemore when she returned from Egypt. She was here to protest the building of the Waterloo & City line through one of her digs in London. He returned to his mortuary to find the body of Ruby Valentine placed there by Jago having found it in the Hellfire Club. Litefoot examined her body and found something alien in her body and a mysterious medalledition. He then spent his time trying to find out where he had found the symbol of the medalledition. He later ed Jean what he had discovered and she ed him that she had found something similar at her dig. This lead to a chamber which was part of the hellfire club. Discovering a set of mysterious creatures, he went with Jago to find Jago Jr and witnessed the resurrection of Satan. (Jago & Son)
He met Maurice Ravel at a theatre and was invited back to his house for a spot of dinner. Studying Maurice’s lodgings but he was intrigued by the clockwork toys, and soon became woozy. He was drugged didn’t go home. Later he was walking through a woodland that came from a book of poetry that him and Maurice liked, and saw Maurice hanged, but not dead. He then talked about the strangeness of the land they were in. (Maurice)
Quick brought him a body who looked like a mummy which expired in the Red Tavern. The body was dehydrated. After being informed by the Merh Manners of it’s identity, he found the funeral weird after a normal ceremony became a cultish cremation. He followed Henry Irving and found him at the grave of Stanley Harker. Returning back to the Prince Albert Theatre he discovered a set of tunnels under the theatre. Following Irving to the headquarters of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn they discovered a set of Vampires. Using the Women in White they managed to stop them using her knowledge of the Draxus. (The Woman in White)
Quick took The Master’s latest victim to Litefoot. He noticed that there was a new mirror in his mortuary. Ellie and him later went to the New Regency theatre to see a new act. When he went to Jago’s office he noticed that there was a mirroron the wall that looked exactly like the one in his mortuary. He started to feel exhausted thinking he was coming down with the flu. On Quick’s suggestion he devised a way to contact The Doctor to discover why he was feeling exhausted. He realised that his current condition was related to the body Quick have presented to him a week earlier, thinking he caught an infection from her. Finding out where The Master was hiding and went after him. The Master told him that he delibrately manipulated them so that they would call The Doctor. In The Master’s lair, The Master tried to hypnotise the Jago and Litefoot, but with Sosostris help they resisted. The Doctor reversed The Master’s machine and revived Litefoot back to health. (Masterpiece)


they were invited to the Scarlet Gallery by Quick as there was a murder. He was intrigued by the paintings that were contained there. He got annoyed after James Royston’s body disappeared by the time he got to the morgue. He was a bit quiet at the Red Tavern but he apparently bled paint. He was placed in a painting by Kindred but when Kindred died he was released. (Picture This)

Quick asked him to investigate a body that was flickering in and out of existence. He later thought that Rob W Paul’s cinema had something to do with it. Instead he visited Old Ma Hambley’s horror and got scared by the Flickermen. Paul ed them the film after it was developed when Flickermen appeared on the film, which weren’t there when it was filmed. He realised that the reason why he was they were on the film, it that the number of frames per second was the rate that the Flickermen flicked at. He theorised that the building of the tunnel had caused them to appear in the first place. He used the film camera to give the Flickermen a new home. (The Flickermen)
Both Jago and Litefoot received letters informing them of something uncanny happening at St. Cecillia’s School for Girls. Broodie offered him a job there as a teacherof the Life Sciences. He discovered a series of deaths at the school. He used his position to discover why Lucilla Fredericks was absent from Hockey, and found out that she was a vampire. When Ravener said that he would kill Hannah Bennet, he remembered his friend’s map of the priest holes and saved her. On viewing Paul’s film, he realised that Ellie was now a vampire again. (School of Blood)

Jago helped Litefoot to stake out Ellie to discover if she was committing the murders. He followed Ellie to a rendezvous with Ravener, and then went after Ravener to find out where he was going finding one of this victims along the wayat Litefoot’s house, Ellie informed him about the Old One and his supposed plans. She then confronted them about her brother’s murder, which they had to tell her the truth about. (Warm Blood)


He had a strange dream where he was on his mortuary slab and Jago was performing the autopsy. He talked to Jago about it then went to his old friend Dr Hilary Standish to analyse it. After witnessing Ellie’s nightmare, he had to perform the autopsy of a corpse of victim of an advance weapon. He was then tortured by Cara for information on Magnus Greel. When Agent Cara discovered that Magnus Greel was dead, she decided to kill them both. They later had another nightmare where they were Time Agents. Jago and Litefoot became trapped in the future and escaped through a time portal back to what seemed to be their own time. (The Stuff of Nightmares)

He wasn’t sure that they were in the right place as London was different to what he remembered. Arriving at the Red Tavern, his feelings were further confirmed when Ellie didn’t recognise him. This world’s Quick asked him to perform an autopsy, and Delaney told him about the Chapel of Night. He went to this building and realised that Mrs Bartholomew was from another reality. This also confirmed they weren’t in his own. (Chapel of Night)
He had to pawn his items in order to get money. He met with the alternative Jago and was asked to dissect the the giant rat in the cellarof his alternative self’s house. He also devised a way to find more about his own alternative self. In the sewer, he encountered the rat but had to stop himself from killing it as it had broken the alternative Jago’s leg. He made his way to the house and managed to help cure the leg with the help of Magnus Greel’s machine. (How The Other Half Lives)

they went with Betterman and Aubrey to the Red Tavern and explained who they were to them. They realised that both of them had experienced the same infernal events in both universes. They helped them in the investigation of the fading body, discovering it had something about a demon and a falling star. He encountered Angelica who wanted to take his reality, but because he came from another world it didn’t work and blew up the spaceship. They used a component they stole to try and get back home. (Too Much Reality)


When the Sixth Doctor arrived in London to Flip Jackson the theatre, Litefoot told him about the person who had rented out the theatre. Litefoot ed The Doctor a set of cadavers which baffled him as they seemed to be dead for a long time though one was alive within the last week. The Doctor said that they wore clothes of his former companions. He went to the theatre and found Flip in a lethargic state. After going to The Valeyard’s TARDIS, he looked after Henry, before he went with him and Ellie to rescue The Doctor. (Stage Fright)
In 1894, he assisted The Doctor and his companion Samantha Jones in investigating a Zygon ship beneath the River Thames. (The Bodysnatchers)

In 1899, Jago and Litefoot had an encounter with witches. Jago was able to defeat them with his large vocabulary. Litefoot wrote Reminiscences of the Peculiar after the incident. (The Carrionite Curse)
In 1899, ten years after their first encounter, the Fourth Doctor returned to Jago and Litefoot’s native time with his new companion, Romana I. He was intrigued by the Pugilist when he was fighting crime. He had a new spate of bodies in the morgue which appeared to have been cooked. The Doctor helped with his investigations and noticed that the bodies were in the same area as the Pugilist. He helped The Doctor to rescue Romana. (The Justice of Jalxar)

Later in 1899, he watched K9 Mark II’s act at the New Regency Theatre with The Doctor and Romana II. He examined the body of one of his colleagues and got Romana to give a second opinion. He later went with Quick and Romana to a pharmacy which had been robbed to determine if any drugs had been taken. He witnessed Jago mutating into a hairy being. He went with Romana to an opium den where he encountered Nicholas Asquin in his Kravenos form. (The Beast of Kravenos)


Litefoot read records in 1968 which stated that he and Jago died at some point in the 20th century. (The Case of the Gluttonous Guru)
Ellie cried profusely at his funeral. In 1968, she told his younger self from 1893 that it was a beautiful service but that she disapproved of his decision to have the hymn”All Things Bright and Beautiful” played during the funeral. (The Final Act)


The Sixth Doctor found a signed copy of Litefoot’s book Reminiscences of the Peculiar in the TARDIS library during an encounter with the Carrionites in the 1980s. (The Carrionite Curse)
By 2014, UNIT had extensive files concerning Jago and Litefoot’s exploits. (The Screaming Skull)


On a parallel Earth, he was still a physician but his health was failing. He still had Greel’s time cabinet and was affected by it. (How The Other Half Lives)

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