Lieutenant Scott




Lieutenant Scott

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James Warwick


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Lieutenant Scott was the leader of a squad of troops ordered to some caves beneath the surface of the Earth in 2526.
Geologist Kyle returned to Scott and his team and told them about the gunshots and the missing geologists. They immediately went to the caves and set up camp outside. Walters set up a life scanner and Scott, Professor Kyle and most of the troops went into the caves. There they rested when Professor Kyle tripped. They heard Walters speak to them through the intercom, saying the wounded party (Baines and Collis) had gone off the scanner – dead – and an alien had been spotted in the lower caves. Scott sent Sergeant Mitchell, Bailey and Carter to investigate. However, they were later killed after they found the remains of Baines and Collis.

Scott then met the Fifth Doctor and found a hidden trap door, whereupon two androids came out of nowhere and started to attack Scott’s troopers. When Scott and the troops blew up the androids and the Doctoropened the hatch, they located a Cyber-bomb which was counting down to detonation, so The Doctor told Tegan Jovanka to take Scott and his troops into the TARDIS to wait.

When they came back after defusing the bomb, Scott requested that his troops accompany The Doctor, arriving aboard a massive space freighter where The Doctor and Adric went to look around. Scott later told the troops that they were going to look for The Doctor. When they saw and killed some Cybermen, half his troopers died in the process. Scott then found Briggs, Berger and Adric and helped them escape in a pod, but Adric insisted on staying behind and was killed. (Earthshock)

Scott, Briggs and Berger were returned to 26th century Earth in the TARDIS. (Time-Flight)

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