Lianna Martin



Lianna Martin




Client Relation Officer

Affiliated With:


First Seen In:

Resurrecting the Past


Present Danger
Escaping the Future

Main Voice Actor:

Rachel Laurence


Lianna Martin was the client relation officer for the IMC. She welcomed Irving Braxiatel to Maximediras. She specialised in territorial reassignment. She liked the job. She thought that Braxiatel’s actions were appalling towards the colonists. She told Braxiatel after returning to the planet after evacuating that the Deindum had destroyed their ship. (Resurrecting the Past)

She later fell ill after the Deindum invaded. Hass tried to help her. She later accompanied him to the Deindum base to find out some information. The Deindum wanted to kill her. She was imprisoned by them but eventually released. She cared for Hass, but thought she would have to collect his body. She died when Hass released his stored up radiation to stop the Deindum. (Escaping the Futurew)

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