Time Lord

Place of Origin:




Affiliated With:

Celestial Intervention Agency



Main Voice Actor:

Holly King


Commander Levith was an agent of the Celestial Intervention Agency involved in the campaign against anti-time. She worked with fellow agent Kurst to capture the Eighth Doctor and supervise Charlotte Pollard during an expedition into the Antiverse.

The Celestial Intervention Agency sent a flotilla of Battle TARDISes and a Class 7C Time Station to capture the Eighth Doctor. After disabling The Doctor’s TARDIS with time torpedoes, Kurst and Levith broke into the TARDIS, stabilised the environment and took Te Doctor for questioning. Kurst and Levith were then charged with setting up the necessary equipment to expand the temporal breach (endemic to Charlotte Pollard) into a portal to the Antiverse. They were also charged with making sure that Charley came to no harm since a similar portal would be needed to get home.

After arrival in the Antiverse, Levith could only watch as her partner Kurst was consumed by the indigenous Neverpeople. She rendezvoused with Madam President Romana, Coordinator Vansell, the Eighth Doctor and Charley as they found what appeared to be the remains of Rassilon and his TARDIS. At Vansell’s order, Levith escorted a casket back to the Time Station.

Unfortunately, the casket didn’t contain Rassilon’s remains, as expected. Instead, it held a large collection of anti-time, which the Neverpeople planned to explode on the return to Gallifrey. Kurst was infected with anti-time and willingly worked to keep it safe. The Time Station returned to the normal universe and exploded soon after. Levith was annihilated in the explosion. (Neverland)

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