Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Collection 2

Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Collection 2



Follow-up to Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Collection. Exclusively available from the Candy Jar website.

Cover blurb:

Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart is back in a new collection showcasing the best talent from the South Wales Short Story Competition.

Whether he’s meeting Queen Victoria, taking a relaxing fishing trip, or caught in a time bubble, the Brig remains the unflappable figure fans remember from Doctor Who’s early days.

The Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Collection 2 features nine self-contained adventures covering the Brigadier’s times in the Fifth, his days as a military man, and his later years in the Lavender Lawns Retirement Home.

Fully licenced by the Haisman estate, and featuring concepts and characters created by Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln, the Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Collection 2 is a must for fans new and old.


Day Trip by Alan Darlington
Marooned at Teatime by Ryan Fogarty
Give Me Five Minutes by Mike Warrick
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by James Connarty
The Eye of the Beholder by Gary J Mack
Summertime Blue by Alexander Whittam
The Mystery of the Locked Room by Beau Waddell
Nightmare at Lavender Lawns by Bedwyr Gullidge
Gone Fishin’ by Megan Fizell

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