Lethbridge-Stewart: Mutually Assured Domination

Lethbridge-Stewart: Mutually Assured Domination
Lethbridge-Stewart: Mutually Assured Domination


The Dominators, The Masters of the Ten Galaxies, have come to Earth, and brought with them their deadly robotic weapons, the Quarks!

It’s the summerof ’69. Flower power is at its height, and nuclear power is in its infancy. Journalist Harold Chorley is out of work, and Colonel Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart is out of sorts. Dominex Industries are on the up, promising cheap energy for all. But people have started going missing near their plant on Dartmoor. Coincidence, or are sinister forces at work?

Join Lethbridge-Stewart and uneasy ally Harold Chorley as they delve into the secrets behind Dominex, and uncover a plan that could bring about the end of the world.


Mutually Assured Domination was the fourth novel in the Lethbridge-Stewart series, released by Candy Jar Books in 2015.
Among the races the Dominators have conquered are Bandrils, Monoids, Ogrons and Valethske.
Lethbridge-Stewart mentions the Yeti attack on the London Underground (The Web of Fear) and its aftermath in Bledoe (The Forgotten Son), his time in a parallel world (The Schizoid Earth) and Fang Rock (Beast of Fang Rock).
After Lethbridge-Stewart is knocked unconscious in a cave system in Dartmoor, he awakens, delirious on a field outside the caves, to see a familiar blue box disappearing before his eyes.


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