Lethbridge Stewart: Mind of Stone

Lethbridge Stewart: Mind of Stone

Lethbridge Stewart: Mind of Stone


“You will be taken from this court and remanded in custody until your trial.”

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart has been remanded to Wormwood Scrubs Prison, and his team have no idea why. Secrecy surrounds his case, but his team barely have a chance to process anything before they are sent on a mission to Egypt.

Why does it seem like Lethbridge-Stewart is going out of his way to court trouble from the prison’s most notorious inmates? And what does it have to do with well-known gangster Hugh Godfrey?

In the Ptolemaic Museum of Cairo, Anne Travers and her team are trying to uncover the mystery surrounding some very unusual stone statues. Statues that resemble those held in a secure military facility in Berkshire.

One thing connects these events, the mysterious cargo transported by Colonel Pemberton and Captain Knight in August 1968.


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  • >Mind of Stone was the tenth novel in the Lethbridge-Stewart series. It was the final book in the series to be released in 2016. The day before this novel was released, characters from it were included in the series’ Christmas special “Home for Christmas.”
  • Bishop has seen a film about a cursed stone that featured Peter Cushing.
  • Stanley has a dream about Diana Dors.
  • Rakis comes from Glastra.
  • Douglas has read the report about the Corps’ recent dealings with the sentient rock Mutalith. (Blood of Atlantis)

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