The Legacy of Death

The Legacy of Death
The Legacy of Death

Regular Cast

Tom Baker (The Doctor), Lalla Ward (Romana), John Leeson (K9/Machina),  Simon Rouse (Drang), Tom Chadbon (Embery), Paul Panting (Fyrax), Emma Campbell-Jones (Shola), Laura Rees (Tyrus), Bryan Pilkington (Lostar), Jane Slavin (Medea).


This title was released in April 2016. It will be exclusively available to buy from the BF website until 31st May 2016, and on general sale after this date.

The Doctor, Romana and K9 have found themselves trapped in a temporal war. On Aoris, the past battles the future – and the future fights back!

With both sides of the war now capable of time travel, the conflict is about to enter a deadly stage. As the pieces of history lock into place, there is little The Doctor can do.

With more Time Tanks moving into combat, the endgame is approaching. The people of Aoris risk extinction at their own hand.

Can even The Doctor save the same planet twice in the same day?

Note: This adventure continues from Doctor Who: The Paradox Planet

Written By:Jonathan Morris
Directed By: Ken Bentley


Written By: Alan Barnes
Director: Ken Bentley
Sound Design: Jamie Robertson
Music: Jamie Robertson
Cover Art: Anthony Lamb
Number of Discs: 1
Duration: 60′ approx
Physical Retail ISBN: 978-1-78178-735-9
Production Code: BFPTOMCD034
Recorded Dates: TBC
Recorded At: TBC

  • Legacy of Death was the fourth story in the fifth series of The Fourth Doctor Adventures
  • The Doctor comments that the Machina computer was “cutting edge once but is way past its prime”. This is a reference to the 1979 Prime Computer advertisement in which Tom Baker and Lalla Ward played The Doctor and Romana.
  • The Doctor tells Drang that he cannot rewrite history. (The Aztecs)
  • Emma Campbell-Jones played Cass in The Night of the Doctor


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