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Oscar Phillips


Bay of the Dead


Leet was a “child of the Dellacoi” which lost its life-shell upon its arrival on Earth and so created a number of search units in order to retrieve it.


Leet was riding the time winds when it was “snatched away” and hurled to Earth via the Cardiff Space-Time Rift. Its life-shell crashed on Railway Street in Splott, damaging a number of buildings and killing 63 of the 64 late-night cinemagoers at the Regal Cinema. With its life-shell damaged, it sought refuge in the person who would be the only survivor – Oscar Phillips. They shared a symbiotic relationship; had it not been for Leet, Oscar would not have survived and had it not been for Oscar, Leet would have perished in the “cold wastes” of planet Earth. Believed to be in coma, Oscar was transferred to the intensive care unit at St Helen’s Hospital.

Three months later, hearing the call of its life shell, Leet used images of Oscar’s most recent memories to create search units so that it could be reunited. However, once the units activated, Leet found itself unable to control them. In order to limit the damage, Leet created a time energy barrier around Cardiff.

In the early hours of the following morning, Captain Jack Harkness, along with a black-haired girl, a smart man and a chubby man entered the intensive care unit with Leet’s life-shell. Oscar, dormant and under Leet’s control, opened his eyes and got up out of the hospital bed. Jack placed the life-shell in his hands, and Leet, after identifying the shell by its shape and texture, oozed up Oscar’s throat, out of his lips and moved sinuously through the air into the pod.

The life-shell rose and landed on the head of Oscar, from where Leet spoke through him. While Leet was filling the group in on what had happened to it since arriving on Earth, a number of search units broke into the intensive care unit. The life-sheel containing Leet rose from Oscar’s forehead, flared and vanished.

Deep inside Oscar’s mind, Leet instructed him how to save the world. Oscar awakened from his coma and did so. (Bay of the Dead)


Leet resembled a gigantic glistening slug. Individually, Leet did not appear capable of speech, and so used Oscar’s body to both speak and move. It moved stiffly While controlling Oscar. It had a fluting and ethereal voice, which was almost playful, but spoke with no sense of indignation. It lacked knowledge of human society, sounding puzzled when Ianto Jones asked how it had created the search units: “By thinking them. Isn’t this how you create your world?” Leet learnt quickly, learning both from its host and the outside world. (Bay of the Dead)

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