Daleks in Manhattan




Pig slave

Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

Daleks in Manhattan


Evolution of the Daleks

Main Actor:

Ryan Carnes


Laszlo was a stagehand at the Laurenzi theatre in New York City in 1930. He was the boyfriend of Tallulah.

Laszlo was ambushed by pig slaves While backstage in the theatre. They took him to the Daleks to be changed into one of them. He escaped the Cult of Skaro before the process could be completed and therefore, unlike the other slaves, retained some of his human features and was capable of intelligible speech; he lacked a pudgy face and retained his hair. (Daleks in Manhattan)
Laszlo as a Dalek Pig Slave

Laszlo as a pig slave. (Evolution of the Daleks)

He helped the Tenth Doctor fight against The Daleks, but eventually found it hard to even stand as his body deteriorated; pig slaves had a limited lifespan and Laszlo was dying. However, The Doctor renewed his lifespan to that of a human, and Laszlo went on to live at Hooverville with Tallulah still his girl, despite the fact that the process could not be reversed. (Evolution of the Daleks)


Writer Helen Raynororiginally intended for Laszlo to die. Executive producer Russell T Davies, who felt that the development was too depressing for The Doctor Who ethos, asked her to change this development. (DWMSE 17)

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