Camarina Lannic



Camarina Lannic



Place of Origin:

Dream machine

First Seen In:

Prelude Theatre of War


Theatre of War
Theatre of War

Main Voice Actor:

Kirsty Besterman


Camarina Lannic was an archaeologist.

She was part of a Heletian archaeological expedition on Menaxus in 3980 to explore ruins of the Pentillanian Theatre. While she was on the orbiting mothership, the rest of the expedition was attacked and killed.

It was assumed that the attack was from the Rippeareans, so the ship irradiated the theatre. The site, though undamaged, would be unsafe to visit for another five years.

In 3985, Bernice Summerfield joined Lannic’s new expedition to Menaxus. They were attack by mud creatures, but managed to escape with the dream machine. They brought it to Heletia, where it caused enough chaos to allow the Rippeareans to invade. Lannic then told the Exec that her husband had been killed by Heletian soldiers years before, and kills him and Manact Marlock in revenge. Lannic disappeared after doing so, having turned out to be a character from the dream machine and part of Irving Braxiatel’s delayed plan to overthrow the tyrannical Heletians. (Theatre of War)

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