First Seen In:

The Sands of Life


War Against the Laan
The Pursuit of History
Casualties of Time


The Laan were a species that lived in the Time Vortex.

All Laan were female. They gave birth on planets. Their ability to navigate through time and space was damaged by the experiments with the Quantum Gateway in the Proxima System, diverting them to Earth. (The Sands of Life / The Final Phase)

Once there, they thought that the Sahara Desert was their ancestral spawning ground. If all seven billion gave birth, the waves of time energy would have destroyed the planet. They were eventually convinced that their spawning grounds were elsewhere, and left Earth. (War Against the Laan)

They were later used by the Conglomerate to power the Quantum Gateway. One member of the species took Romana II from the TARDIS. (The Pursuit of History) The avatarof the Doctor released them all from the machine. (Casualties of Time)

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