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Prisoner of the Daleks


Kuli was a human child of the 26th century. She lived with her mother Jenifa on the planet Auros. The citizens of Auros used Osterhagen nukes during the Second Dalek War to destroy their planet to escape from a Dalek fleet. Their evacuation fleets were captured by the Daleks in a trap ordered by Dalek X. All the evacuees were taken prisoner to work as slaves in The Dalek mines of Arkheon to breach the Arkheon Threshold.

Kuli and her mother aided Koral and Cuttin’ Edge While working in the mines. The Tenth Doctor tried to free them by pretending to offer Dalek X his TARDIS but claiming he needed six people to operate it. Dalek X refused to let Kuli and Jenifa go, saying fourothers would have to suffice. The two were sent back to the mines.

Following the defeat of Dalek X, Earth Command was able to send an attack force to Arkheon. They defeated The Daleks and freed all the prisoners. (Prisoner of the Daleks)

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