The Krotons

The Krotons
The Krotons


Brian Hodgson was a member of the Workshop working closely with the seminal figure of Delia Derbyshire. As the original sound effects creator for Doctor Who he was responsible for the chilling Dalek voices and the powerhouse sound of the TARDIS lifting off (created by running a back door key for his mother’s house along the bass string of a gutted piano and treating it electronically). His highly innovative techniques are fully on display on this collection of ‘special sounds’ that provided the background to The Krotons, broadcast in December 1968/January 1969.

The TARDIS arrives on the unnamed planet of the Gonds, who are ruled and taught in a form of self-perpetuating slavery by the alien Krotons – crystalline beings whose ship, the Dynatrope, crash-landed there thousands of years earlier after being damaged in a space battle.

episode entry


Track no. Track
1 Doctor Who (New Opening theme, 1967)
2 The Learning Hall
3 Door Opens
4 Entry Into The Machine
5 TARDIS (New Landing)
6 Wasteland Atmosphere
7 Machine And City theme
8 Machine Exterior
9 Panels Open
10 Dispersal UNIT
11 Sting
12 Selris’ House
13 Machine Interior
14 Snake Bleeps Low
15 Silver Hose (The Snake)
16 Snake Bleeps High
17 Teaching Machine Hums
18 Forcefield
19 Burning Light
20 Birth of A Kroton
21 Kroton theme
22 Kroton Dies
23 Link – Rising Hum
24 Kroton Dies – (Alternative)

Total running time: TBA


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