The Krotons


The KrotonsThe Krotons


Pages 121
ISBN 0-426-20189-2
Publication Date 14 November 1985


Many thousands of years ago strange crystalline creatures came down from the stars and settled on the planet of the Gonds.

Over the years They educated the Gonds through teaching machines in the great Hall of Learning. In return, the Gonds periodically selected their two most brilliant scholars to become the `companions’ of these mysterious beings.

But when The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe arrive on the planet, they soon discover the true evil purpose of the aliens and learn what it really means to be companions of the Krotons



  1. A Candidate for Death
  2. The Rescue
  3. The Rebels
  4. The Genius
  5. The Companions
  6. The Krotons Awake
  7. The Militants
  8. The Attack
  9. The Second Attack
  10. Battle Plans
  11. Eelek’s Bargain
  12. Acid

  • The Doctor’s claim that he is”not a doctor of medicine” is repeated, followed by the omniscient narrator describing this reply”a little unfair[…], since he was in fact a doctor of almost everything.”
  • The Doctor is amazed that the Krotons feed off living thoughts and feels this justifies their arrogance.
  • Vana justifies avoiding the evacuation by saying she is a scientist and can help Beta.
  • The continuity error of Beta being in the Underhall when he was left behind in the laboratory is corrected, with his line given to an unnamed engineer (as it was in the original script).
  • The comedy business of Beta burning his finger while testing the acid is removed.
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