Place of Origin:

Red Sky Lost


Prisoner of the Daleks


Koral was a member of a cat-like species. She was the last of her kind as her species and home planet had been destroyed by the Daleks. She was rescued by Space Major Jon Bowman and became a member of the Wayfarer crew. She was saddened when several members of her crew were killed.

When fighting The Daleks she disabled their leader, Dalek X, by slicing her retractable claws through the bottom of its body and disrupted The Dalek- officer’s anti-gravity generators. After the Tenth Doctor and the remaining crew of the Wayfarer destroyed The Dalek squadron they were fighting, Koral and Jon Bowman started a relationship on Earth. (Prisoner of the Daleks)


As Koral was a member of a cat-like race, not much was known about her species. Her reflexes were cat-like and she had many physical cat features. She also had powerful retractable claws that were made of a metal as strong as diamond. (Prisoner of the Daleks)

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