Kolpasha was the most affluent colony planet in the Earth Empire. Its people dictating fashion and cosmetics across almost 500 worlds, which led to high real estate prices. (Victims) In the 40th century, it was fashion capital of the Galactic Federation. (Placebo Effect) The Sixth Doctor’s coat came from Kolpasha. (Business Unusual, Year of the Pig, The Carrionite Curse) The Tenth Doctor had a tailor on Kolpasha. (A Suitable Showdown)

Gevaunt visited Kolpasha and tried to get the Kolpashans addicted to the Eternal Youth Drug, which would turn them into edible material for the Quolls. The Fourth Doctor and Romana II stopped Gevaunt’s plot. During his visit, The Doctor tried on the type of coat which would later be worn by his sixth incarnation. (Victims)

When Gary Rudge maligned his clothing, the Sixth Doctor said that it was the height of fashion on Kolpasha. (Instruments of Darkness) He also told Evelyn Smythe that he got his clothes there. (Real Time) Some time after that, he took Melanie Bush to Kolpasha, where she bought an outfit that she wore several weeks later on Carsus. (Spiral Scratch)

After Ssard and Stacy Townsend married on Micawber’s World, the Eighth Doctor paid for their honeymoon to Kolpasha. The Doctor then took Sam Jones to Kolpasha after they defeated the Wirrn. (Placebo Effect)

The Tenth Doctor once took Martha Jones to the Kolpasha satin markets. (Agent Provocateur) The Tenth Doctor later visited Kolpasha after his encounter with Skalesh to have his tailor repair his damaged suit. (A Suitable Showdown)

While reminding the Twelfth Doctor of the many times he had abandoned her in the past, Keri mentioned an incident in which The Doctor had left her in a jail on Kolpasha. (Big Bang Generation)

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