Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

Random Ghosts


The Lights of Skaro

Main Voice Actor:

Matthew Gravelle


Klinus was on Skaro when Bernice Summerfield arrived. He was reliving the same day over and over again. He worked out that throwing trees distracted the ghosts. He said that he was Bernice Summerfield’s boyfriend, and on one day he died. He sedated Ace when she was wanting the world to die. (Random Ghosts)

He was exterminated by a Dalek when the time loop temporally stabilised. He later told Benny that he was always dead and the time loop plucked him out for a second life as a ghost. He was an artist, he wasn’t accepted in Kaled society. He was recruited for a special project. He was one of Davros’ first experiments and became one of the first Daleks. He told Benny that he was in agony for much of his existence as a Dalek and that the Kaled scientist added implants to stop him and the otherearly Daleks from screaming. He said that he could have been any of the Daleks in the universe, even the one that killed Benny’s Claire Summerfield. He told Benny to forget him and not to grieve for him as he did not deserve it. (The Lights of Skaro)

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