King Peladon

The Curse of Peladon


King Peladon

Played By:

David Troughton

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The Curse of Peladon


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The young regent of the mediaeval planet Peladon. Peladon sought acceptance into the Galactic Federation for his people and hosted a diplomatic mission by representatives of the Federation, including delegates from Mars and Alpha Centauri. His High Priest of Aggedor, Hepesh, in conjunction with one of the Federation delegates, sought to bar Peladon’s entry and took extreme measures to disrupt the conference.
The Doctor, posing as the Chairman of the committee, exposed both Hepesh and Delegate Arcturus, recommending the planet’s ascension. He and Jo Grant left just as King Peladon’s cornonation took place when the real Chairman from Earth arrived.

The Doctor only intended a short visit, but King Peladon insisted The Doctor to stay to offer his counsel. Back inside the citadel, The Doctor discovered Lord Vaarnak had been murdered.

The morning after The Doctor saw a light from the citadel’s tallest tower blink, Peladon investigated the light, feeling concern over the legend of the Prisoner of Peladon. He found¬†The Doctor had also investigated the tower, and told him about the legend that lay behind the double doors with four locks.
The Doctor¬†tried explaining to King Peladon that the death of Axlaar wasn’t his fault, only for Peladon to chastise The Doctor for treating him like a child, treating the situation like a game and refusing to explain anything. The next day, Peladon returned the Martian girls Axlaar had kidnapped in the search for the princess to their families

Did you know?

David Troughton is one of Patrick Troughton’s sons.


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