Main Actor:

Kiran L Dadlani


Kezzia was a human colonist living on a colony planet in the far future.

Kezzia was a member of the United Earth Colonisation Team and the flight crew of the colony ship Erehwon.

At some point in the far future, an apocalyptic war took place and the surviving human population was evacuated on starships. The Erehwon eventually landed on the extrasolar planet Gliese 581d.

Kezzia was awoken from stasis before everyone else along with her mother, her sister Goodthing and a number of other crew members. They then deployed swarms of Vardies who terraformed the planet to make it habitable and then constructed a city around the colony ship that would serve as their new home. Once the city was completed, Kezzia was put in charge of overseeing the pollination of the massive wheat fields that surrounded the city.

When her sister Goodthing told Kezzia that their mother and a number of the other colonists had been killed by the Vardies, Goodthing desperately warned Kezzia to smile to avoid the same fate. However, Kezzia refused to believe her just as she was seized by an Emojibot. It then summoned a swarm of Vardies that ripped her apart as Goodthing watched in horror before being killed herself. (Smile)

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